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Yee Sang

The Chinese New Year is one of the biggest celebrations in Malaysia, and there is no better times to experience the festivities. Genting Highlands is one of the best local destinations, with its cool temperature, newly opened Sky Avenue and assortment of over to 70 restaurants. Yee Sang (yusheng, 魚生), also known as the Prosperity Toss, is integral to the Chinese New Year tradition in Malaysia and Singapore and is one of the most interesting experiences you will find. Here, we will venture to bring you some of the best Yee Sang restaurants in Genting Highland, specialising in all forms and sorts, from lobster, to Norwegian salmon and abalone.

What is Yee Sang?

Yee Sang is a type of salad served during the lunar new year by the Malaysian and Singaporean Chinese communities. Ingredients for this dish is usually drawn from homophones used in the Chinese language and can include carrot, daikon and yam, pickled ginger, pomelo, peanuts, crackers, sesame seeds, five spice powder and white pepper usually packed in red packets, oil and dressed a sweet mixture of plum sauce. The dish is then served with a serving of fish or seafood, taking from the Chinese saying Abundance Every Year (nian nian you yu, 年年有余) where “fish” (yu, 魚) is a homophone for “abundance” (yu, 余). Modern variations today also use a wide variety of vegetables including snow pears, strawberries and kiwi.

Yee Sang Tour Genting | Oversea Fabulous Fruity Yee Sang | Oversea Restaurant | Food For Thought

Overseas Restaurant 海外天

Overseas Restaurant is one of the oldest establishments serving Cantonese fare and is serving their iconic Oversea Fabulous Fruity Yee Sang made with an assortment of fruits and vegetables. The Fabulous Fruity Yee Sang comes with slices of strawberry and kiwi giving the salad an intense sweet and sourness, making it one of the healthier yee sang you will find in Genting Highlands.

  • Oversea Fabulous Fruity Yee Sang 天下第一撈 at RM138.00 ++
  • Yee Sang with Sliced Salmon and Sliced Pear 三文雪梨撈生 at RM118.00 ++

Overseas Restaurant
1st Floor, First World Plaza,
Genting Highlands Resort,
69000 Genting Highlands,
+603 6101 1722

Yee Sang Tour Genting | Abalone Yee Sang | Din Tai Fung | Food For Thought

Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐

Din Tai Fung is famous for their xiao long bao and provides a choice between smoked salmon yee sang and abalone. The portions are small and makes a good addition if you’re in for Taiwanese cuisine.

  • Smoked Salmon Yee Sang 熏鮭魚魚生淨價 at RM138.00 nett
  • Abalone Yee Sang 鮑魚魚生淨價 at RM268.00 nett

Din Tai Fung
1st Floor, Sky Avenue,
Genting Highlands Resort,
69000 Genting Highlands,
+603 6101 2143

Yee Sang Tour Genting | Sliced Abalone Yee Sang | Paradise Dynasty | Food For Thought

Paradise Dynasty 樂天皇朝

Paradise Dynasty serves an assortment of Taiwanese fare, and is quite famous for their signature selection of xiao long bao. Some of their signature xiao long bao include their foie gras, black truffle and mala flavours, so do give those a try if you haven’t already. The yee sang at Paradise Dynasty comes with a choice of jellyfish, Norwegian salmon and abalone, with different pricing. We highly recommend the abalone yee sang with its nice and sweet flavours, but also consider ordering their dinner menu with quite an impressive selection.

  • Jelly Fish Yee Sang 海蜇七彩撈生 at RM76.00 ++
  • Norwegian Salmon Yee Sang 三文魚好運撈生 at RM86.00 ++
  • Sliced Abalone Yee Sang 鮑魚片富貴撈生 at 106.00 ++

Paradise Dynasty
1st Floor, Sky Avenue,
Genting Highlands Resort,
69000 Genting Highlands,
+603 6101 1772

Yee Sang Tour Genting | Lobster with Shredded Mix Vegetable Shredded Mix Fruits Yee Sang | Grand Imperial | Food For Thought

Grand Imperial 喜粵海鮮酒家

Grand Imperial is serving one of the most luxurious forms of yee sang this year which is prepared for people looking for something a little more health conscious using organic fruits and vegetables. The sauce used has more of a Thai zest to it, giving the dish a unique flavour unlike the common plum sauce varieties. The wide variety of vegetables uses also gives the dish a unique flavour such as using toasted almonds instead of peanut. A must try.

  • Lobster with Vegetable and Fruits Yee Sang 一耀龍騰錦繡同心撈 at RM560.00 ++

Grand Imperial
1st Floor, First World Plaza,
Genting Highlands Resort,
69000 Genting Highlands,
+603 6101 1136

Yee Sang Tour Genting | Golden Prosperity Yee Sang | Palsaik Korean BBQ | Food For Thought

Palsaik Korean BBQ 八色烤肉

Palsaik Is serving a Korean take on the Malaysian yee sang, with its hansik take on the local favourite. The Exclusive 8 colour set dish is served with deep fried pork belly giving diners an experience of something a little different. The dish is served with a side of Korean red wine sauce and has all the yee sang vegetable trimmings including kimchi.

  • Prosperity Yee Sang 單點魚生is priced at RM88.00 ++
  • Exclusive 8 Colour Yee Sang 八色魚生at RM 226.00 ++
  • Substantial Party Yee Sang 派對魚生at RM 316.00 ++

Palsaik Korean BBQ
4th Floor, Sky Avenue,
Genting Highlands Resort,
69000 Genting Highlands,
+603 6101 3933

Yee Sang Tour Genting | Prosperity Yee Sang | Sushi Zanmai | Food For Thought

Sushi Zanmai 壽司三昧

Sushi Zanmai is also giving us a Japanese take on the Malaysian favourite, with its iconic Japanese ingridients. The yee sang here is served with crispy tempura bits giving the dish a nice lighter crunch, however, what really makes the dish stands out would be the thick cut sashimi grade salmon.

  • Prosperity Yee Sang 新春魚生at RM38.80 nett

Sushi Zanmai
4th Floor, Sky Avenue,
Genting Highlands Resort,
69000 Genting Highlands,
+603 6101 1498

Yee Sang Tour Genting | Fortune Fong Sui Fresh Fruit Wasabi Wild Honey Abalone Black Caviar Yee Sang | Genting Palace | Food For Thought

Genting Palace 雲華宮

Genting Palace is offering up to 5 different varieties of yee sang starting with the Grass Carp set, slowly elevating to more luxurious ingredients including the extremely flavourful wild honey, which gives it a nice undertone instead of the usual plum sauce offering. The sets also increasingly get more refined with wasabi and black caviar adding a richer flavour and texture, cumulating with the abalone yee sang at its finest.

  • Prosperous Wan Yee (Grass Carp) Sang 萬事如意鯇魚生 at RM146.00 ++
  • Lucky Salmon Yee Sang 如意吉祥鮭魚生at RM178.00 ++
  • Prosperous Japanese Tuna Yee Sang 一本萬利金昌魚生 at RM178.00 ++
  • Prosperous Wasabi Wild Honey Black Caviar with Salmon Yee Sang 野生蜂蜜芥末黑魚子三文魚生 at RM348.00 ++
  • Fortune Fong Sui Fresh Fruit Wasabi Wild Honey Abalone & Black Caviar Yee Sang 野生蜂蜜芥末鮑魚黑魚子生果撈生 at RM728.00 ++

Genting Palace
2nd Floor, Genting Grand,
Genting Highlands Resort,
69000 Genting Highlands,
+603 6101 1118

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  1. What a lovely review nicholas! I love how varied the selections are. Some are quite hefty.

    • Hi Patricia,
      Thank you! Yes, some were a little pricier than other, Genting really has something for everyone.

  2. Wah Wah Ah Nick! The yu sang all looks so good! Didn’t know Din Tai Fung did that too. 😀 lau hau sui lorrr

  3. I have been to Genting Highlands recently. The place is so gorgeous! So many things to do there. My husband loved to gamble too much.

    • Hi Amie,
      Gambling is a form of entertainment for some. Genthing however, has really become quite an interesting holiday spot.

    • Hi Jenny,
      Yeah, that was quite interesting actually. It tasted a bit like a pokebowl / bibimbap but without the rice.

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