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Nicholas Ng

My name is Nicholas Ng, and I am from Kuala Lumpur. I currently run a food and beverage marketing consultancy, although in a previous life, I was a practising lawyer. I have also been a freelance writer for over 15 years as a restaurant critic, bar reviewer, travel writer and an opinion columnist.

I used to live in Sheffield in the United Kingdom and have very much acquired a taste for tea. I find myself inseparable from my mobile device at most times, but occasionally take a digital Sabbath. I believe that life has much more to offer and that there is a lot of useful information out there which can help us be better versions of ourselves. This is where I will share my life views.

Restaurant Critic

Growing up in a family that has centred around food all my life, I was mentored by my father in the art of food tasting. Going to food expositions from a young age has trained me in becoming very picky with food, you need to have standards in life. I believe that there is a certain standard to meet, but this should always be balanced with quality. You do not go to a McDonald’s to have a gourmet burger. If you set yourself up to fail, you definitely will.

I have been a restaurant critic for many years now including publications such as The Fashion Globe based in London; DestinAsian based in Indonesia, Marie Claire Malaysia and KL Lifestyle, amongst others. I like to believe I have an eclectic palate and that I am always up for trying new things.

Cocktail Connoisseur

I fancy a good drink every now and then, and appreciate a thoughtful cocktail, with a preference for a mezcal based one. I am also a fan of wines, particularly French reds, but I’m easy, as long as it tastes good, I think it deserves to be drank. A personal hobby of mine is the appreciation of a classic cocktail within the bustle of the city, let’s just say I’m a little old fashioned.

I believe that bars are places where you will find some of the best people, with bartenders really being a friend you can turn to when you need a good drink. I found that different bars cater to different occasions, sometimes you want company, sometimes you want to be left alone. This is why its important to know where to go, and when to do it. In my life I have been called to the bar many times, and if I’m being honest, I added that in just because it makes a good pun.

Travel Writer

I have always had travel in my blood since I was young, and have done quite the extensive travelling since then. Having a multicultural upbringing and keeping an open mind has caused me to try everything, at least once. Being bitten by the wanderlust, new cultures and customs always intrigue me, and one thing I’ve taken away from it is that people are all weirdly the same as they are different.

I am pretty fond of the good life and believe that you can possible have it all, the key to that is contentment. Most people go on holiday thinking to get away from their everyday troubles and de-stress, but in actuality, are trying to seek happiness, a time to rekindle relationships, or a time to appreciate our loved ones. I believe that every place has a story to tell, you just need a good storyteller. Most of the time places don’t get the recognition they deserve due to the lack of public education. It is important to show and highlight how you can have the best experience possible to make sure that you have the vacation you deserve, not a sub par one.

Opinion Columnist

I fancy myself as a bit of an armchair philosopher, and I have to admit that I write more than I read, but if online articles count, I’d like to think that I have read enough. I grew up in a household with a very Socratic father who forced me to always think of my actions, which has caused me to be quite the over-thinker, but I don’t see this as a negative. I have had to learn many life lessons from my late father and I only wish I penned down every nugget of wisdom he fed me.

Practising family law and dealing with divorce has taught me many things about understanding interpersonal relationships, and I have always tried to give the best advice as I know how, I am only human, I make mistakes too. However, I like to believe that I am able to tell a story well, and that people may benefit from my life philosophy, one way or another. It is hard to make wise decisions, so I have found with more introspection, people will be able to better understand themselves.

I have written as a social critic through my opinion columns including those in The Expat, Expat Go and The Living Journal, just to name a few. I have also been featured on Burpple and Says.com for my opinions and thoughts. I believe in the nourishing of the body and the flourishing of the spirit.

For further queries, do not hesitate to contact me.