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Food For Thought is an independent publication focusing on lifestyle essentials such as fine dining restaurant reviews, comprehensive food guides; cocktail culture; travel guides and hotel reviews; and the latest in luxury items and gadgets.


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DINING is one of the most interesting art forms, and at Food For Thought, we specialise in reviewing fine dining restaurants as we believe in showcasing and highlighting the best quality products, services as well as local produce when available.

Restaurant Reviews cover a wide range of fine dining establishments, predominantly based in Kuala Lumpur including the personal philosophy of the people behind the restaurants such as the food visionaries and chefs when it comes to food.

Food Guide seeks to bring you the latest in street food in the form of comprehensive food guides from all over the world, in a compendium of some of the best things to eat, and is mainly in the form of street food.

Chefs are interviews which give us insights into their cooking philosophy and methodology. We also find out their history, cuisine specialisation and current offerings at their restaurants.

Culinary Culture is a section that talks about the latest in food culture, such as food trends, nutrition, health and cooking methods and styles.


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DRINK is near and dear to us, and we are always up for a good tipple. Our drink section seeks to cover all forms of beverage related information, from bar reviews to drink reviews, to our comprehensive bar guides to drinking culture.

Bar Reviews cover a wide range of bars from experience to cocktails served. Our in depth bar reviews also lets us get behind the philosophy and themes of each bars ranging from specific specialisations like Gin Bars to best Speakeasies in town.

Bar Guides are a collection of some of our favourite bars by locality or specialisation by country. We have an annual bar guide for some countries, but may also have a best bars of the month featuring their best drinks.

Drink Reviews covers specific beverage reviews, from whiskeys and cognacs to our wine reviews. We also highlight non-alcoholic beverages such as coffee, tea and milk.

Bartenders and Brand Ambassadors are interviews which we sit down with mixologists, bartenders and bar owners to find out what thought process are when it comes to creating a drink or a bar.

Drink Culture is a section highlighting drinking culture, such as what drink is best for when, or articles informing on why you should never use boiling water on green tea.


TRAVEL culture is very vast and at Food For Thought, we seek to showcase the best destinations for that perfect getaway and what better way to do that than to highlight deserving hotels and resorts that deliver unique experiences.

Hotel Reviews cover the overall destination experience, facilities and unusual amenities. Above everything else, we seek to highlight the sort of extraordinary services that would make the discerning traveller go out of their way to experience. We believe in telling you the story that deserves to be told.

Travel Guides are created with the help of local knowledge and the ins and outs of a destination when visiting a foreign country. We find the best spots for sightseeing and why these attractions are worth your time and effort. Travelling really opens the mind and we aim to help you out with our tips, tricks and recommendations.


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TALK is our interview section on Food For Thought, where we sit with industry veterans to found out what their latest thoughts are about. We speak to chefs, mixologists and personalities who are here to explain their philosophy when it comes to cooking and day to day life.


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THOUGHT The greek philosophers had a saying: know thyself. Most of the time we lead unhappy lives because we don’t (and never really get to) know ourselves. This is why introspection is important to understanding how we feel. It is not enough to go through life coasting without truly understanding ourselves. We need to understand our intentions and motives for doing the things we do. Your words should coincide with your actions, and your actions should coincide with your emotions. Here, we explore on the ideas about self knowledge and how we can try to better our destructive habits and learn how to cultivate good ones.


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Advertorials are advertisements editorials, collaborations and partnerships with brands that we have worked with. Our advertorials are comprehensive articles featuring highlights and brands that we believe in. We have different forms of advertorials and is catered specifically to each client based on their advertising needs. To learn more, please see our Advertising section.


Food For Thought Title Card 2019

Editor Food For Thought is run by Nicholas Ng, who has years of experience dealing with the food and beverage industry as a food critic, travel writer and opinion columnist. He has had countless experience dealing with international restaurant reviews as well as assisting travel industries with their branding and content, ensuring that all parties have their voices heard.

Team The team behind Food For Thought consist of magazine and editorial writers, journalists, marketing specialists and social media planners, with many writers being opinion columnists. To learn more about our eclectic Team and how you can join Food For Thought as intern or writer, Contact Us.