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Have you ever felt hangry? The human condition is as such that we experience a plethora of emotions, and most of the time, we don’t know how to use the right terms to address them because we don’t know the right words to address how we feel. Today, we are compiling a list of food related words which has an emotional tinge to them, which maybe, just maybe, will be able to help you describe how you feel better. From Arty-choke to Vegeterrible, you will be able to better understand your mood for food after this.

Artychoke | Mood For Food | Food For Thought


The feeling you get when you are served food in hipster cafés that is way too pretentious for the sake of being pretentious. Yes, yes, we get it. Everything is a social deconstruct.

“I came here to have a good time but the deconstructed burger that is basically asking me to put my own burger together is making me arty-choke.”


The feeling you get when you have spent time and money, investing emotionally in the expectation of a dish only to be left frustrated with the quality of the dish delivered.

“I’ve waited all day to try the smoked bass and I have to say its only left me feeling foodstrated.”

Eggcellent | Food For Thought


The feeling you get when you’ve tasted perfectly cooked fried or poached egg, with the yolk still perfectly warm and runny.

“The Eggs Florentine I had this morning was perfectly cooked leaving me feeling eggcellent.”

Food Envy

The feeling you get when you see someone in possession of a delicious dish which leaves you feeling discontent or resentful that you don’t have that dish.

“Your latest photographs are giving me some serious food envy, by the way, where was my invite?”

Food Envy | Food For Thought

Food Feels

The feeling you get when you have a deep and profound emotional bond with a certain type of food.

“This chocolate cupcake is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I think I’m catching the food feels.”

Food Karma

What happens to you when you’ve been very generous with food and are rewarded by the universe with delicious meals continuously. As you know, you reap what you sow.

“I’ve been receiving really good food karma lately. Must be because I’ve shared my good food finds.”

Food Punda | Mood For Food | Food For Thought

Food Punda

Someone who is really good at delivering the right food puns.

“Nick is an amazing food punda with his perfectly thymed one liners which no one seems to carrot all.”

Food Surfing

When you casually stay on Facebook or Instagram for hours looking for pictures of food for absolutely no reason at all.

“I’ve been food surfing for the past 2 hours and its only gotten me hungrier. I thought this was supposed to satiate my hunger?”

Hangry | Food For Thought


The feeling you get when you have not had food all day; a combination of being hungry and angry.

“I have not eaten anything since 8 am this morning. I’m getting pretty hangry right now. You won’t like me when I’m hangry.”

Humble Pie

What you are made to eat when your friend advices you on ordering a recommended dish on the menu but you chose to be stubborn and ordered something else that didn’t taste good in the end.

“I’m really eating my humble pie right now, should’ve stuck with the Pavlova you recommended.”

Im Fine Dining | Food Feels | Food For Thought

 I’m Fine Dining

The feeling you get when your fine dining dish comes out in too miniscule portions, especially if it’s something you really like, where you say to yourself, “I’m fine”, when you know you’re not.

“The ricotta foie gras amuse-bouche was amazing, it’s just that the portion was a little too small, you know what I mean? I mean… I’m not angry or anything, really… I’m fine… dining.”


The psychological weight gain you feel when you’ve been foodsurfing.

“God, all these food pics are making me feel fat. I feel like I’ve just gained a couple of Insta-Grams.”

Japonaise | Food For Thought

Japonaise (pronounced Japon-nice)

What you exclaim when you get really good food karma at the new Japanese restaurant you’ve never been to before which turns out to have really nice Japanese food.

“I really thought this restaurant was going to be a waste of time but the Omakase was japonaise!”


The feeling you get when you order a steak from a restaurant that clearly doesn’t specialises in steak and the remorse that comes with it.

“I think I made a mis-steak by ordering the sirloin at this café. What was I thinking?”

Food Shaming | Food For Thought

Meat Sweats

The feeling you get when you’ve consumed large amounts of meats causing you to have cold beads of sweat running down your forehead. Sweat my occur on your upper lip too.

“That tomahawk steak dinner I just had by myself was way too heavy for me, its giving me the meat sweats.”


The feeling you get when the food at the table beside you smell better than yours.

“Stop looking at the food at the table beside us. I know the barbecue ribs smell amazing but you’re just letting your rescentment build.”

Whine And Dine | Food For Thought


What you do when your have tasted a dish that wasn’t very delicious, but you recommend it to others in the secret hopes that they will have the same bad experience.

“She knew that the mushroom pizza wasn’t great at Mikey’s but still suggested for me to get it. I suspect that she did it out of schadenfooder.

Shoulder Surfing

What you do once you’ve placed your order in anticipation of the waiter bringing your food out of the kitchen.

“Stop your shoulder surfing over the poor guy, your food is going to come when it comes.

Vegeterrible | Food Feels | Food For Thought


The feeling you get when you were promised a steakhouse dinner and get conned into going to a vegetarian restaurant. Not that anything is wrong with vegetables, just the expectation not met.

“When she said we were going to dinner tonight and that we were going to have steaks, I was elated, but the change of plans to that new vegan restaurant is leaving me feeling vegeterrible.”

Well Done

The feeling you get when your steak arrives overcooked, a mixture of annoyance and sarcasm. The only time an affirmation is not an affirmation.

“I clearly asked for a medium rare steak but it was served to me well done, well done.”

You’re welcome.

Nicholas Ng

Nicholas Ng is a restaurant critic and drinks writer and is the editor of independent publication Food For Thought. He has been a freelance journalist for the 15 years and has previously worked as a lawyer and in digital marketing. He currently is the Principal Consultant of A Thought Full Consultancy, a food and beverage marketing consultancy.


  1. I love your food photos.. It’s really nice.. Haha..such a great post, to relate food with emotions!

  2. Really had fun reading this humorous post. I’ve heard of hangry before. That’s my dog’s usual expression.

  3. Completely agree and that title is on point 🙂 The article is certainly very creatively done.

  4. This is so creative…. I would never had thought of such an article.. kudos, Nicholas… it was a great article… hahaha….

  5. I was reading your post and your photos intrigued me! Did you take all the pictures yourself?

    • Nope, not all by myself, usually with the assistance of others when needed, but mostly by myself.

  6. Now I can freely express myself with the food I will be eating after your post! Such a cute and creative one!

  7. I love to have good food too. As you said, the food that we had will represent our mood for the day too.

  8. LOL a thoughtful food post with a difference. I hope to have good food karma like you 😀 share good food get good food. Thanks for the great share!

  9. Well written post. I love how you express your emotion toward food and I learn some funky word from your post.

  10. Thanks for sharing! good to know all those hip-words XD really love the pictures you have there =)

  11. Do we eat to live or live to eat? I loved this post. Lot of nice thoughts about food..

  12. Such a real situation when we dine out most of the time. Yah I do the same I ordered the other dish then what was recommended and end up its not as good.

  13. Really love reading this post from you, Nicholas! Nicely written and learn much much more 🙂
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

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