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At Food For Thought, we believe that everyone has a story to tell, and we gladly share this platform with you to tell yours. We believe that there is always more to one side of a story, and different people have different perspectives and life views, and this information will only add to the greater collection of knowledge.


Shakila Rajendra

Shakila has been in the publishing industry for 10 years now, and was previously the Deputy Editor of Marie Claire Malaysia. She has Masters degree in Global Energy and Climate Policy at the School of  Oriental and African Studies in the United Kingdom.

Articles by Shakila Rajendra

Sonia Soon

Sonia is a legal compliance officer by day and a lifestyle enthusiast every other day of the week. Through photography and videography she finds it therapeutic and a way to keep her mind at bay. Ultimately what she hopes is for her visuals to transport the reader to experience what she was experiencing at the time, be it a holiday, food review and all her other lifestyle ventures.

Articles by Sonia Soon

Chloee Lee

A now-unemployable law graduate pursuing her license to be employable, who finds all sorts of things related to food fascinating. A part time Mandarin food writer, photographer with neo-noir aesthetics, and a Traveler’s Notebook user who finds her passion in food through drawing, journaling and creating ASMR food making videos. Hoping to bring a new ground of understanding of food and gastronomy to revamp the ordinary perception by people about the concept of a foodie by her writings in order to cultivate better respect and taste for food.

Articles by Chloee Lee

James Birchall

James is an optimist who has a keen interest in the pursuit of knowledge for the sake of itself. He believes in living the good life and that it is all possible through self-actualisation. He is a world explorer and believes that we should show more kindness in this world, not to those closest to us, but to those furthest from us.

Articles by James Birchall

Lazareen Moses

Lazareen is a dreamer and a fan of science. She believes that there is no such thing as being in one state all the time, and as the world changes so do our views on life. She is a student of world knowledge and tries her best to improve all her current skills, and along the way, if possible, to pick up new ones she could never imagine possible. Her life motto is carpe diem.

Articles by Lazareen Moses

Bonnie Teh

Bonnie is in cloud nine with ideas nobody can execute. She hopes to rid this world of borders, segregation, and corporate greed. She is an overcooked lamb on the outside, mashed potato on the inside. She sounds intense but she’s actually a connoisseur of dubious puns.

Articles by Bonnie Teh


We are always looking for like-minded people to join our team, so if you are passionate about food or have a keen eye for interesting things, we are are always open. If you want to Intern with us, we invite you to write to us so we can get to know you better.

The Food For Thought Internship Programme runs for 3 months and are for people and students who want to learn more about food writing and food culture. You will be assigned articles with guidance on how to narrate a gastronomical journey, as well as individual assignments to cover related events and reviews. This programme is intended to help you gain knowledge of how the food industry works, behind the scenes as well as understanding the technical aspects of food tasting and writing.

You can reach us directly at or message us below.