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Curate at the Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur recently launched their new menu celebrated with theatrics including a fashion show paraded by the chefs themselves, presenting dishes that speak to their heritage, from Chef Junious’ Fried Chicken & Waffles to Chef Matt’s 8 Hour Short Rib Rendang.


The new menu sees a refreshing take on their classics, with a revamp and an upping in the flavour department. With Chef Junious Dickerson’s American heritage, portions were obviously going to be very large. The other local dishes were created by Malaysian Chef Mujtahid Lukman (Chef Matt) who was responsible for the Malaysian favourites and Chef Raman Durairajan who hails from India bringing his fare with him. For meat loving fans, the wagyu cuts here are decent and special attention by the variety of sauces, but with any good cut of beef, only salt is necessary. In addition to that, the latest campaign also saw the creation of a video, with each and every sound recorded taken from noise that you’d hear in the kitchen, which was quite an auditory surprise.

Beef Carpaccio Tataki | Curate | Food For Thought

Beef Carpaccio Tataki

Angus tenderloin, daikon radish, wasabi cream, Japanese cucumber, spiced seeds and ponzu vinaigrette
Starting with the Angus tenderloin carpaccio, the thinly sliced beef lets you make your own sauces. Spread across a large plate, you have the option of any combination you choose to canelé into a morsel. The choices of sauce is Japanese inspired, and makes a great mini platter. The wasabi cream and kyuri were a good contrast of textures and flavours.

Mussels Asiano | Curate | Food For Thought

Mussels Asiano

Coconut steamed mussels, lemongrass, fries, chilli, aromatic Thai basil, curry aioli and mini baguette
Inspired by the Belgian classic, the moules frites takes a Thai approach with this dish. Mussels were fresh and decent with the fries and baguette as a dip.

Fried Chicken Waffle | Curate | Food For Thought

Fried Chicken & Waffles

Buttermilk waffles, salted egg fried chicken, pickled jalapeno gravy, tabasco infused kelulut honey and okra
One of Chef Junious southern inspired dishes, his take on chicken and waffles was perfectly flavoured. The tabasco infused honey is great on the waffles, with the pickled jalapeno gives it that Asian heat that Malaysians generally enjoy. One of the best dishes on the menu, a must try.

Ayam Masak Merah | Curate | Food For Thought

Ayam Masak Merah

Smoked half spring chicken, nasi minyak, braised long beans and crispy chicken skin
An elevated traditional Malay dish, the ayam masak merah uses spring chicken, seasoned well, working well with the fragrant nasi minyak.

8-Hour Braised Beef Short Rib Rendang | Curate | Food For Thought

8 Hour Braised Beef Short Rib Rendang

Steamed lemang, air dried beef serunding, smoked peanut sauce acar, vegetable brunoise and emping crackers
The traditional Malay dish, the rendang uses short rib and braises it to a melt in your moth texture. The beef went well with the coin of lemang, which was just to add texture to the intensely flavoured rendang.

Mixed Tandoori Platter | Curate | Food For Thought

Mixed Tandoori Platter

Mackerel tikka, lasooni prawns, lobster tails, seekh kebab, malai tikka, tandoori quail, tri-colour capsicum and onion, chaat potatoes, button mushrooms, fire roasted vegetable biryani in pipe, dhal makhana, garlic chilli naan, mint chutney, raita and lime
The tandoori platter sees the work of Chef Raman Durairajan, whose authentic take on many traditional Indian dishes, with some selections from all over India. The flavours on the plate were intense, with the malai tikka and lobster tails being the standous.

MB6 Wagyu Tomahawk - Tableside Signature | Curate | Food For Thought

MB6 Wagyu Tomahawk

Yorkshire pudding, creamed broccolini gratin, glazed baby carrots, salt-crusted hassle back potatoes, Maldon salt, smoked salt, Espelette salt, truffle mustard, grain mustard, spicy English mustard, Sarawak black pepper sauce and béarnaise sauce
The wagyu tomahawk here is taken from Penbroke Farms in Australia, with a decent flavour to marbling ratio. The dish is served with a number of sides, but with good quality beef, you can have it on its own. Of all the sauces, the specially made Sarawak black pepper sauce went well with the potatoes.

Durian Cheese Cake | Curate | Food For Thought

Durian Cheese Cake

Musang king durian, coconut ice cream and pandan anglaise
The durian cheesecake was a beautifully sculpted chocolate shell filled with durian filling and a coconut icecream, just to play with texture and temperature. The pandan anglaise was on the saltier side, but overall, a decent dessert, especially for musang king fans.

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