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Genting Palace CNY 2019 | Genting Palace Entrance | Food For Thought

Genting Palace: Resort World Genting in Genting Highlands

Genting Palace is well known as one of the best holiday destinations in Malaysia, especially for those looking to celebrate the Chinese New Year. With its cool weather and great festive atmosphere, you can see why people are rushing to this local attraction. Also here sits Genting Palace 雲華宮 which is arguably one of the best Cantonese restaurants you will find, with its use of carefully curated ingredients and techniques to ensure that every dish does not compromise on quality, from the extravagant wild honey yee sang to their luxurious poon choi.

Genting Palace CNY 2019 | Chef Jacky Yap | Food For Thought

Located on the second floor of Genting Grand Hotel, Genting Palace is one of the oldest restaurants in Genting Highlands. For the year 2019, the ever friendly and affable Jacky Yap has managed to outdo their yee sang preparation from previous years by using wild jungle honey in as the base of its yee sang sauce. When asked what thought process was done when creating the Genting Palace 2019 Chinese New Year Menu, he stated: –

“People want to eat healthier these days, less sugar, less salt, so we too that into mind to create something that people who are looking to eating healthier will appreciate. In our more exclusive yee sang this year, we use wild honey from the forest. This all-natural honey has a very distinct flavour and sweetness that doesn’t come from sugar. This mixed with the wasabi and abalone gives our signature yee sang its distinct taste. We also take extra care with all dishes on the menu such as our chicken with fine soy. The chicken here is sourced from special farms that breed these versions of free-range chicken, ensuring that the meat is both healthy and flavourful. We personally inspect these sources at these farms to ensure that the ingredient meets our quality and standards.” — Jacky Yap, Executive Chef of Genting Palace.

Genting Palace Chinese New Year 2019 Menu

The menu here comes in a variety of packages, catering to small parties of four to larger tables of ten. Each menu consists of 8 dishes and the dinner menu sets increase in value as the ingredients become more expensive. We taste a selection from each menu to highlight some of their best dishes. The Genting Palace Chinese New Year 2019 Menu is as follows: –

  • Genting Palace Chinese New Year Menu RM588.00 nett per table of 4 persons
  • Genting Palace Chinese New Year Menu RM888.00 nett per table of 6 persons
  • Genting Palace Chinese New Year Menu RM1,388.00 nett per table of 10 persons
  • Genting Palace Chinese New Year Menu RM1,888.00 nett per table of 10 persons
  • Genting Palace Chinese New Year Menu RM2,688.00 nett per table of 10 persons
  • Genting Palace Chinese New Year Menu RM3,888.00 nett per table of 10 persons
  • Genting Palace Chinese New Year Menu RM8,888.00 nett per table of 10 persons

Genting Palace CNY 2019 | Lucky Salmon Yee Sang 如意吉祥鮭魚生 | Food For Thought

The first dish, a yee sang, was the Lucky Salmon Yee Sang 如意吉祥鮭魚生. This yee sang dish was made from a selection of dried and fresh vegetables, complete with pomelo, coriander, pickled vegetables, crackers and fresh salmon. The dish was a nice and refreshing salad, with zesty twist from the plum sauce used.

Genting Palace CNY 2019 | Fortune Fong Sui Fresh Fruit Wasabi Wild Honey Abalone & Black Caviar Yee Sang 野生蜂蜜芥末鮑魚黑魚子生果撈生 | Food For Thought

The second dish, a yee sang, was the Fortune Fong Sui Fresh Fruit Wasabi Wild Honey Abalone & Black Caviar Yee Sang 野生蜂蜜芥末鮑魚黑魚子生果撈生. The yee sang came with a wide selection of fresh fruits including kiwi, water apples (jambu air), dragon fruit, pineapple and pomelo, with the main seafood ingredient being the abalone served with black caviar and wasabi. This highlight of this dish is really the sauce used, where the regular version is served with plum sauce, this extravagant version uses a wild honey with a distinct sweetness. This is also their most expensive selection which can be ordered separately at RM728.00 ++ for the large portion.

Genting Palace CNY 2019 | Traditional marinated free range chicken with fine soy 古法豉油皇高山鸡 | Food For Thought

The third dish, a fowl dish, was the Traditional Marinated Free Range Chicken with Fine Soy 古法豉油皇高山雞. The meat of the chicken was very tender, and was cooked quite differently from other forms of soy chicken, which was without any inclusion of herbs, leaving the chicken to be tasted in its own simplicity, the sweetness of the flesh and the savouriness of the soy. The meat was very tender and springy to the bite, without the rubberiness usually found with the healthier kampung, also known as free-range, chickens. A must order.

Genting Palace CNY 2019 | Double-boiled fungus, dried scallops with deer root and fresh Chinese yam pottage 虫草花瑶柱鹿根淮山土鸡汤 | Food For Thought

The fourth dish, a soup, was the Double-boiled Fungus, Dried Scallops with Deer Root and Chinese Yam Pottage 蟲草花瑤柱鹿根淮山土雞湯. The soup was full of umami from the dried scallops, and was also rich from the traditional ingredients such as codyceps (chong cao,蟲草) and deer root (lu gen, 鹿根) and Chinese yam (huai shan, 淮山)

Genting Palace CNY 2019 | Stir-fried golden sea prawns in oats with salted egg and butter 黄金咸蛋麦香明虾 | Food For Thought

The fifth dish, a prawn dish, was the Stir-fried Golden Sea Prawns in Oats, Salted Egg and Butter 黃金咸蛋麥香明蝦. The prawns were huge and juicy, and had a nice crunch to its flesh. This dish is really the best of three traditional Malaysian Chinese prawn dishes, with the oaty crunch from the Nestum prawns, the sweet savouriness from the Salted egg prawns and the richness from the Butter prawns. A really good and understated dish.

Genting Palace CNY 2019 | Abalone “Poon Choy” 金银珠宝装满盆-鲍鱼海味盆菜煲 | Food For Thought

The sixth dish, a Chinese casserole, was the Abalone “Poon Choy” 金銀珠寶裝滿盆鮑魚海味盆菜煲. This dish was the most opulent of its kind with a variety of ingredients full of flavour, with preserved seafood, fresh vegetables and roast and braised meats. The ingredients include fresh abalone, fish maw, dried scallops, prawns, dried oysters, sea cucumber, dried squids, free range chicken, goose feet, roast pork, pork meat ball, flower mushrooms, sea asparagus, white radish, broccoli, fatt choy, yam, tau kang, Chinese cabbage with abalone and oyster sauce. This dish can be ordered a la carte at RM1,888.00 nett, but will require a one-day advance order.

The Genting Palace Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner Experience

Genting Palace has consistently delivered a good menu year after year, with much emphasis on ingredients and luxury. For those who are on your holidays and want to taste great authentic cantonese cuisine, this restaurant will definitely deliver. The menu is also perfect for small to big families preparing for their Chinese New Year reunion dinner whilst at Genting Highlands.

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Genting Palace
2nd Floor, Genting Grand,
69000 Genting Highlands Resort,
+603 6101 1118
Opening Hours:
12.00 pm to 2.30 pm
6.00 pm to 9.30 pm


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  1. Hi Nick! Didn’t know poon choy is famous in Malaysia too. We always have it at home. here.

    • Hi Jerrica,
      It’s not cheap, but its the Chinese New Years, so it’s a great time to splurge a little.

  2. You described the prawns so well Nick, I can imagine how they taste just by reading them.

      • I’m going to Kuala Lumpur in April. Would love if you could give me some tips and hints on where to go and what to do.

  3. Interesting dishes, first time for me seeing Malaysian dishes. Looks very Chinese.

  4. Need to reserve 3 tables (10) for August 10th.
    Please provide me with you menu. Thank you.

    • Hi Karen,

      We are not a restaurant. However, Genting Palace doesn’t take reservations, they only do walk-ins. Hope this helps.

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