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Neon Pigeon: Modern Japanese Restaurant Bar

Situated at the end of the hustle and bustle that is Keong Saik Road in Singapore is Neon Pigeon, a modern izakaya style eatery that makes interesting interpretations of modern Japanese cuisine. However, don’t take this place lightly as they have a cocktail programme that packs as powerful a punch as its food. From their iconic Tokyo Hummus made from edamame to their Teared Negroni using rosemary infused sake umeshu, you can see why the light of this pigeon shines bright.

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The restaurant opens up to two separate areas, the main dining seating and the bar to the left, which doubles as a waiting area as you are prepared to be seated. The décor is industrial and chic, and very reminiscent of Yardbird in Hong Kong, with its wood and slate permeating through its design.

Head Chef Dennis Smit | Neon Pigeon | Food For Thought

The kitchen at Neon Pigeon is helmed by Head Chef Dennis Smit, who trained under Dutch chefs Heman den Blijker, Onno Kokmeijer and Arjan Speelman before moving to Singapore furthering his career at Neon Pigeon. When asked about his philosophy when it comes to cooking, Smit quipped: –

“When I cook, I go back to my training, which is classical French. This combined with my experiences in various kitchens give me a different perspective when creating Japanese influenced dishes. When coming up with new dishes at Neon Pigeon, I focus on seasonal ingredients and their provenance to find inspiration and derive flavour combinations.” — Dennis Smit, Head Chef of Neon Pigeon.

Tuna Sashimi Donburi | Neon Pigeon | Food For Thought

Neon Pigeon Food Menu

The restaurant bar has quite an eclectic menu with a number of different dishes both inspired from Japanese cuisine but with a global twist.

Tokyo Hummus | Neon Pigeon | Food For Thought

Tokyo Hummus

Edamame, curry chips

The Tokyo hummus is a modern take of the middle eastern classic, but instead of using chickpeas edamame is used. The blended beans are then topped with furikake for that umami flavour, and is perfect with the ‘curry chips’ made from curry flavoured crispy toasted bread.

Soft Shell Crab Bao (Black Pepper Teriyaki, Corn, Avocado) | Neon Pigeon | Food For Thought

Soft Shell Crab Bao

Black pepper teriyaki, corn, avocado

The soft-shell crab bao takes a traditional Chinese dish and puts a Japanese twist on it using black pepper teriyaki topped with a corn, tomato and avocado salsa. The bun was soft and the black pepper teriyaki gives you a mix of sweet, savoury and spicy.

Charcoal Fired Rump Konbu Vinegar, Tempura, Enoki, Shichimi | Neon Pigeon | Food For Thought

Charcoal Fired Rump

Konbu vinegar, tempura enoki, shichimi

Rump is one of the most flavourful cuts, and Neon Pigeon has taken this quite humble part and elevated it quite simply. The konbu vinegar gives the dish a nice sour umami punch while the tempura adds a contrasting texture. Simple yet effective.

Roasted Bone Marrow | Neon Pigeon | Food For Thought

Roasted Bone Marrow

Furikake seasoning, crispy garlic, toast

The roasted bone marrow is a umami punch of flavour, from the fatty flavour of the marrow coupled with crispy garlic and furikake to give the dish an instant punch of flavours and texture. The dish is best enjoyed by the spoonful.

Golden Curry Rice | Neon Pigeon | Food For Thought

Golden Curry Rice

Deep roasted cauliflower, green onion, egg yolk

The golden curry rice is creamy and risotto like in texture, with a pronounced Japanese curry flavour, not overtly spicy, but full of flavour. The roasted cauliflower is deep fried giving texture and crunch while the egg yolk adds another creamy dimension.

Food | Neon Pigeon | Food For Thought

Neon Pigeon Cocktail Menu

The beverage menu consists on an interesting take on modern classics, with much thought put into the cocktails to give it that Asian twist.

“Known for its combination of laidback ambience and glowing hospitability, the main focus of the bar is to make innovative artisanal cocktails with Japanese influences. Taking inspiration from the interactions shared between the team and guests, Neon Pigeon has transformed traditional cocktails into their own daring creations. Keeping in mind the principle of sustainable practices, the bar makes their own house-made syrups, tinctures and infusions.”

Teared Negroni | Neon Pigeon | Food For Thought

Teared Negroni

Rosemary infused sake umeshu, Campari, mancino rosso vermouth, prosecco

The Teared Negroni takes a modern twist on a classic, using Japanese sake umeshu for a lovely plum flavour, complete with burnt rosemary for that extra smokiness. This spirit forward drink is one for the negroni lovers with its complex bitter taste.

Teasy | Neon Pigeon | Food For Thought


Honey melon sake liquor, sakura wine reduction, grapefruit, prosecco

The Teasy is great as a starter drink, especially for those who love a little bit of melon and grapefruit. The sakura wine reduction adds that beautiful fragrance making this floral and fruity drink quite delicious.

Wasabi Drop | Neon Pigeon | Food For Thought

Wasabi Drop

Vodka, granola infused sake, lime sorbet, wasabi

The Wasabi Drop was a bit of a stinger with its main components being an umami granola infused sake with lime sorbet giving balancing the cocktail, while the wasabi appears more of an after taste than an over pungent element.

Citrus | Neon Pigeon | Food For Thought


Dark rum, citrus cello, rose wine, chamomile Cointreau

The Citrus is perfect for fans of limoncello, but comes more complex with its dark rum base. Definitely for people who love drinks on the sweeter side, but still balanced well with the chamomile imparting that distinct flavour.

Ciao Bartender | Neon Pigeon | Food For Thought

Ciao Bartender

Frenet branca, shiso juice, sparkling coconut lychee

The Ciao Bartender is probably one of the most serious cocktails on the menu, famously made with the frenet branca, this medicinal tasting cocktail may be confusing for non-bartenders, hence the name. Give it a try to broaden your palate.

Neon Pigeon
1A, Keong Saik Road,
#01-03 Singapore 089109
+65 6222 3623
Opening Hours:
Mondays to Saturdays, 6.00 pm to 12.00 am
Closed on Sundays.


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