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Frank's Bar | Matusalem Rum x Franks | Food For Thought

As international travel is still not allowed, Frank’s Bar has collaborated with Matusalem rum to bring you a series of cocktails by some of the best bartenders in the industry. With 4 specialised cocktails on the menu all the way from Tokyo, Hong Kong to Milan.

Tokyo, Hong Kong, Milan, Matusalem

The 4 specially curated cocktails are creations by some of the best bartenders in the world, namely Diego Ferrari and Hektor Monroy who are Matusalem baristas, Hiroyasu Kayama from Bar Benfiddich, Benjamin Cavagna from 1930 Cocktail Bar and Agung Prabowo from Penicillin Bar.

Matusalem Pleasure | Matusalem Rum x Franks | Food For Thought

Matusalem Pleasure

Matusalem Solera 7, Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 rum, Mancino Vermouth rosso amaranto, cynar, Frangelico, Bueno Vista Social Club music barrel aged in American oak barrels
Bartender: Diego Ferrari & Héktor Monroy (Matusalem Baristas)

A twist the Drowned in Sound created by Giovanni Magliaro, this version uses Matusalem as its base instead of whiskey, with the music used coming from the iconic Bueno Vista Social Club. One for the rum fans, definitely worth its weight.

God Nuts | Matusalem Rum x Franks | Food For Thought

God Nuts

Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 rum, walnut liqueur, clarified orange juice, Angostura bitters
Bartender: Hiroyasu Kayama
Bar: Bar Benfiddich
City: Tokyo, Japan

This cocktail was well balanced, which had a very nutty disposition on the palate, adding to a certain bitterness to the cocktail as a whole. Sweet but not overtly sweet, an interesting tipple overall.

Discover Sicily | Matusalem Rum x Franks | Food For Thought

Discover Sicily

Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 rum, Micheter’s American whiskey, salted espresso coffee syrup
Bartender: Benjamin Cavagna
Bar: 1930 Cocktail Bar
City: Milan, Italy

One of our favourites, the deep flavours from the rum and whiskey leaned towards being more spirit forward, with the coffee adding a layer of bitterness and sweetness.

Wood & Wax | Matusalem Rum x Franks | Food For Thought

Wood & Wax

Beeswax-infused Matusalem Gran Reserva 15 rum with eucalyptus honey, bitters
Agung Prabowo, Penicillin Bar
Bartender: Agung Prabowo
Bar: Penicillin Bar
City: Hong Kong, China

One of the more interesting offerings created by Agung Prabowo of The Old Man fame, the cocktail is meticulously infused with the subtle taste of beeswax, with the eucalyptus honey adding a certain minty touch. Try this too.

This collaboration will only run for the month of March 2021.

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