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Raise The Bar | SGCF 2022 | Food For Thought

In conjunction with the Singapore Cocktail Festival 2022, an upcoming series of virtual discussion panel themed “Raise The Bar”. The SGCF celebrates its 7th year last year saw 36 participating bars, which was also in a cross-continent collaboration with London Cocktail Week. This panel of discussion brings together some of Asia’s best including speakers from Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Philippines. We also speak to Wai Mayleng, Co-Founder of the SGCF.

Panel 1 | SGCF 2022 | Food For Thought

Stepping Into A New Era

Date: Monday, 24 January 2022
Time: 1:00 pm – 1:45 pm
We have seen the bar industry propel itself despite adversity during these precarious times – where change is common and constant. We hear from bar industry leaders on how they stay nimble in business and their foresight on what is to come.
Holly Graham (Hong Kong), Drink Magazine
Michel Lu (Singapore), Revolver Asia
Abhishek C George (Singapore), Spiffy Dapper and Oriental Elixir
Agung Prabowo (Hong Kong), Penicillin and Dead&
Tiana Ludhani (Hong Kong), The Daily Tot

Panel 2 | SGCF 2022 | Food For Thought

How To Bring Your Bar Program To Life

Date: Monday, 24 January 2022
Time: 1:50 pm – 2:35 pm

Designing a new bar program can be daunting. Whether it is the birth of a new establishment or a seasonal concept refresh. Our panel of bar owners share personal learnings in designing bar programs, and tips on how to bring them to life.
Jay Gray (Singapore), Sago House and Low Tide
Martin Hudak (Australia), Maybe Sammy’s
Celia Schoonraad (Singapore), The Compound Collective
Jerrold Khoo (Singapore), Stay Gold Flamingo

Panel 3 | SGCF 2022 | Food For Thought

Propel with Transformational Leadership

Date: Monday, 24 January 2022
Time: 2:40 pm – 3:25 pm
Kickstart your transformation as a leader in the industry. Inspiring bar talents (new leaders and managers, new bar owners) who are looking to grow into a leadership style that can propel their career and/or business to the next level.
Colin Chia (Singapore), Nutmeg and Clove
Gan Guoyi (Singapore), Jigger & Pony Group
David Ong (Philippines), OTO
Rusty Cerven (Singapore), Manhattan Bar

Can you briefly introduce yourself to our readers in Malaysia?

I’m Wai Mayleng, Founder and Managing Director of The Events Artery and Co-Founder of Singapore Cocktail Festival. I founded experiential agency The Events Artery in 2006. My passion has always been about creating meaningful experiences through content, design and human connection. Through the Singapore Cocktail Festival, I see myself as an advocate of the local F&B scene while positioning Singapore as an iconic cocktail destination. In 2019, we started SGCF Academy as an educational pillar of the festival, with the aim to welcome not just bar-related talks but conversations that will impact the hospitality industry at large.

Who do you think will best benefit from this virtual session?

Stepping into a New Era –  will interest bar compatriots to hear what industry leaders in the industry foresee is to come in ever-changing times.

How to Bring your Bar Program to Life –  will benefit people who aspire to own a bar or a leader in an establishment who is driving the business concept and growth.

Propel with Transformational Leadership –  will bring forth conversations on becoming a better leader for aspiring bar talents to propel their career and their establishment to the next level.

Which of the key speakers were chosen and why?

The strong lineup of moderators and speakers on our panels were purposefully chosen to represent a well-rounded perspective. All of them are legends of the industry in their own right. We have 50 Best Bars owners and leaders like Martin Hudak of Maybe Sammy, Rusty Cerven of Manhattan Bar, David Ong of The Curator, Gan Guo Yi of Jigger and Pony. Industry consultants and influencers like Celia Schoonraad of the Compound Collective, Michel Lu of Revolver Asia and Holly Graham of Drink Magazine. Bar industry Veterans like Colin Chia of Nutmeg and Clove, Agung Prabowo of Penicillin Bar, Jay Gray of Sago House and Abhishek George of Spiffy Dapper. New Bar owners like Jerrold Khoo of Stay Gold Flamingo and Tiana Ludhani of The Daily Tot.

How can a bar in Malaysia benefit from this session?

We have seen the bar industry in our region propel itself even during these precarious times – where change was common and constant. These leaders have stepped up to share their experiences to give back and contribute to the community they are a part of. Any bar in our region will benefit from the regional perspectives and knowing that there is a strong support system and community to be a part of here.

This session is free to industry and trade. Is it also open to non-industry?

This session is free to the industry, and anyone who is interested in the industry. We want to keep the discussions as relevant as possible to engage with our community and serve as a part of their growth.

Can you tell us how to sign up for this event?

24 Jan 2022, 1.00pm – 3.30pm (GMT+8)
Register and grab your seat at our Virtual Trade Event on Zoom.
Find out more in the link:

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