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Mancino Vermouth Cocktails | Frank's Bar | Food For Thought

In their second rendition of cocktails from across the world by Frank’s Bar, this brand new special menu focuses on 4 more cocktails from around the world including Barcelona, Bratislava, London and Rome, each created by a superstar bartender. Also, did you know that mancino means lefthanded in Italian?

Barcelona, Bratislava, London, Rome

This round the cocktails are focused on the use of Mancino Vermouth, including Paradiso in Barcelona, Antique American Bar in Bratislava, Kwānt in London and Drink Kong in Rome, which ensures these world class bars will produce some delectable cocktails.

Sottobosco | Mancino Vermouth Cocktails | Frank's Bar | Food For Thought


Michter’s bourbon, Mancino Vermouth Rosso Amaranto, Campari, sake, Frangelico, shitake mushroom essence.
Bartender: Giacomo Giannotti & Alessio Beltrami
Bar: Paradiso Barcelona
City: Barcelona

One of the most interesting cocktails on the menu, the Sottobosco was a unique take with its nutty and umami-centric flavour of hazelnut and mushroom. The savoury cocktail was one of the more out there ones.

Golden Age | Mancino Vermouth Cocktails | Frank's Bar | Food For Thought

Golden Age

Michter’s bourbon, Mancino Vermouth Rosso Amaranto, Campari, oil sugar and gold liquid
Bartender: Stefano Cattaneo
Bar: Antique American Bar
City: Bratislava

This twist on the negroni, this liquid gold cocktail was silky and sultry, a very interesting take on the classic cocktails. Definitely one you should try to know what we’re talking about.

Coffee Negroni | Mancino Vermouth Cocktails | Frank's Bar | Food For Thought

Coffee Negroni

Bombay Sapphire gin, Mancino Vermouth Rosso Amaranto, Campari, filtered coffee.
Bartender: Erik Lorincz
Bar: Kwānt
City: London

A cocktail by the world renown Erik Lorincz, this take on the Coffee Negroni sounded simple, but was one of the best versions we have come across in Kuala Lumpur, partially due to the filtered coffee used.

Tiro Mancino | Mancino Vermouth Cocktails | Frank's Bar | Food For Thought

Tiro Mancino

Mancino Vermouth Bianco Ambrato, DOM Benedictine liqueur, verjus, sherry, pink grapefruit bitters.
Bartender: Patrik Pistolesi
Bar: Drink Kong
City: Rome

The most interesting cocktail on the menu also happens to be one lower in ABV, which was full of fascinating flavours of sweet, sour and bitter, with the sweet coming from the white vermouth, sour from the verjus and bitter from the DOM Benedictine. Definitely order this one of a kind and unique cocktail.

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