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ATAS Speakeasy is one of the more renown cocktail bars in Ipoh, decked out in a 1920’s style and ambiance. The cocktail bar has teamed up with TAMU Dining, a four hands cocktail and dinner pairing experience within ATAS Speakeasy itself. The menu changes with each iteration, with the previous one being French, and its latest form, Japanese.

Cocktails | ATAS Speakeasy x TAMU Dining | Food For Thought

ATAS Speakeasy

Atas Speakeasy is the brainchild of Founder Alicia Mak and Co-Founder Eugene Wong, a 1920’s themed bar located within the old town of Ipoh. The speakeasy is by reservation only and has found a new home located on Jalan Theatre. The bar sees an updated cocktail menu, with their signatures still available, but what we are visiting today is their new initiative, a four hands cocktail and dinner pairing, with TAMU Dining.

“The collaboration between ATAS and TAMU was born from the demand of Ipoh’s food enthusiasts. And as our city’s discerning gastronomists increasingly veer towards enhancing their dining experiences, TAMU provides guests with the opportunity to embrace the organised chaos of flames and steam, with ice and tin.” — Alicia Mak, Founder of Atas Speakeasy.

ATAS Speakeasy | ATAS Speakeasy x TAMU Dining | Food For Thought

TAMU Dining

TAMU Dining is an open kitchen concept initiated by the people behind ATAS Speakeasy which brings chefs from around Ipoh to create a collaborative menu, with the previous iteration being French, this one Japanese, and next one Spanish (to be announced).

Transparency is the key element behind our open kitchen concept where guests get a chance at witnessing their courses being meticulously prepared and assembled, while bespoke cocktails are being shaken and strained. Our four-hands dinner and cocktail pairing will see both Chef and Mixologist highlighting featured components throughout the menu. By utilising sustainable local food sources within Perak and fine ingredients from around the world, we aim to help enhance the local economy while staying eco-friendly.”

ATAS x TAMU | ATAS Speakeasy x TAMU Dining | Food For Thought

ATAS Speakeasy x TAMU Dining

The collaborative dinner sees a private dining session that happens weekly, with menus changing every month, each time only seating eight persons. The dining session is designed to be an immersive and interactive session, where dishes are presented while cocktails are made, complete with amazing hospitality from Alicia Mak and the team, as well as banter from the affable Eugene Wong who also happens to be the resident mixologist.

“A private dining session that happens every week, menu sees changes every month and seats will be limited to only eight to ensure patrons experience an immersive and interactive session with both chef and mixologist. Guests will be welcomed by our five-course carte blanche menu which offers a delectable window into a gastronomic wonder of flavours. Each course served will be accompanied by a specially curated cocktail, reflecting perfect food and liquid synchrony.”

Uni Temaki

Sea urchin, bunga telang mayo, sushi rice, nori

Ichi Ban

Grapefruit, maple, coffee bitters, bacon brandy

Instant bursts of umami is what you would expect from this simple yet affective uni temaki, paired with a spirit forward cocktail, simple yet affective, which would have worked better as an ending cocktail as the strong drink would be better as a pleasant ending.

Maguro Tataki Carpaccio

Seared bluefin tuna, salad, lemon caviar, wafu dressing

Ni Ban

Togarashi, pineapple, matcha, citrus, milk, rum

The second course sees large cubes of seared bluefin tuna in a nicely dressed salad, while the cocktail stood on its own. The sear on the tuna was good, and if anything, overgenerous in portions.

Hiya-Jiru Soup

Cold homemade dashi, premium white miso, cured Japanese cucumber

San Ban

Granny smith, cucumber, citrus, ume gin

The third dish was a cold white miso soup, paired with our favourite cocktail on the menu, sweet and tangy from the apple, with notes of umami from the ume gin.

Wagyu & Hotate

Pan seared wagyu, walnut pesto, premium hokkaido scallop, lime & lemongrass, reduction gel

Yon Ban

Apple, cherry, shiraz, bitters, tonic

The mains for the night was a pan seared wagyu, served with a Hokkaido scallop on the side. The walnut pesto had a nice burst of umami, which made a good companion in the surf and turf take. The wine cocktail uses home-grown Bad Monte alternative wines as its base, essentially Christmas in a glass.

Beauty & The Beast

Hanjuku cheesecake, dragon fruit sorbet quenelle

Go Ban

Yuzu, honey, chartreuse, citrus, gin

The dessert was in a rich and creamy, which is expected of a Hanjuku cheesecake, but what really stood out with this pairing was the cocktail. The magical citrus yuzu is the base of this cocktail, with chartreuse and honey adding some depth to flavour.

Dining Experience | ATAS Speakeasy x TAMU Dining | Food For Thought

The ATAS Speakeasy x TAMU Dining Experience

This collaborative dinner does two things. Firstly, is it brings a unique cocktail and dinner pairing to the city of Ipoh as a unique dining experience, and secondly, it also allows for more exposure of the different calibre and cuisine of chefs from around the city. But above all, what must not go without mentioning is the great service and hospitality you will come to appreciate when dining and drinking there.

For the next available date for their Spanish dining menu, follow them on their TAMU Dining instagram for the latest updates.

ATAS Speakeasy
37, Jalan Theatre,
Taman Jubilee,
30300 Ipoh,
+6012 778 7365
Operating Hours:
Wednesday to Monday, 6.00 pm to 11.30 pm
Closed Tuesdays.


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