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Beta KL: Test Kitchen

At the time of this review, Beta KL was under renovation and dining was held at Skillet.

For those looking to make the best out of these times of austerity, Beta KL is creating one of the most affordable fine dining menus you can find in Kuala Lumpur. The menu in the test kitchen changes from week to week, using what is in season for a reason. With the set price at RM128, the dishes are still one of the better contemporary Malaysian restaurants that does not compromise on quality.

Beta KL in Skillet | Beta Test Kitchen | Food For Thought

The Beta Test Kitchen Menu

The new menu sees a much trimmer selection, with some new innovations without losing its well-known flavours and flair, but for those looking for a little more luxury, fret not as add-ons of wagyu and foie gras are readily available. The Test Kitchen menu comes with 3 amuse, 2 entrées, a choice of mains, and 2 desserts, all at the very affordable price of RM128. This menu not only sees a trimming of the unnecessary, but ensures that you get to try some of the personal flair of Chef Raymond’s approach to the modernising of Malaysian cuisine.

“We know that times are hard, but we wanted to make sure that people can still enjoy good food. This is why we price our tasting menu at these prices, so people can still have an opportunity.” — Raymond Tham, Executive Chef of Beta KL.

SNACKS Pineapple, Kangkung, Peanut, Eggs on Toast, Rendang Chicken Liver Bao | Beta Test Kitchen | Food For Thought


Eggs on Toast

The first amuse, part of the Snacks, was a quail egg, with caviar and gold leaf on a bed of toast. The umami of the caviar and the creaminess of the quail yolk made it quite an elegant little bite.

Pineapple, Kangkung and Peanut

The second amuse, part of the Snacks, was a pineapple, kangkong and peanut tart emulating flavours of the rojak. Sweet, savoury and umami, the little tart was bright and a great second bite.

Rendang Chicken Liver Bao

The third amuse, part of the Snacks, was a rendang chicken liver bao had an intense flavour, and a perfect nod to the Malaysian palate. Spicy, creamy and umami.

Tiger Prawn White Percik | Beta Test Kitchen | Food For Thought

Tiger Prawn

White Percik

The tiger prawn was served atop a white percik flavoured egg custard, which for those unfamiliar, is the authentic flavours from Kelantan, as opposed to the reddish variety you find in Kuala Lumpur.

Los Haroldos Estate Chardonnay 2016 | Beta Test Kitchen | Food For Thought

Los Haroldos Estate Chardonnay 2016

The Argentinian chardonnay way balanced on the palate and served well as a pairing for the seafood.

Aubergine, turmeric, sourdough | Beta Test Kitchen | Food For Thought


Turmeric and sourdough

Aubergine cooked down produces a creamy texture, and its exactly how this presentation excelled at. With the right amount of cook, the flavours had a tiny punch of spice, with the bits of sourdough adding a nice crunch.

Rey Sol Gran Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 | Beta Test Kitchen | Food For Thought

Rey Sol Gran Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2012

A bold red, the cabernet sauvignon leaned torwards dry on the palate, which went well with the foie gras and lamb.

Fermented Tomato Granita | Beta Test Kitchen | Food For Thought

Fermented Tomato Granita

The fermented tomato granita had flavours that were a little more complexity to it from the fermentation, sweet, savoury and punchy, almost like a bloody mary granita.

Chicken, Bentong ginger, dark beer | Beta Test Kitchen | Food For Thought


Bentong ginger and dark beer

An interesting take on well known Ipoh flavours, the chicken was served with a bentong ginger sauce reminiscent of those you’d find with Hainanese chicken rice, but will an element of dark beer giving the dish a pinch of fermentation on the palate. Not overtly bitter, the contrast of flavour adds an extra dimension.

Lamb Rack + Foie Gras, Koji shio, roasted garlic | Beta Test Kitchen | Food For Thought

Lamb Rack + Foie Gras

Koji shio and roasted garlic

One of the best dishes on the menu, the lamb rack was cooked perfectly pink, with the koji salt adding a delicate and deep umami flavour to the dish. The meat was not musty and perfectly seasoned. We highly recommend this dish. The foie gras definitely added an additional richness to the dish.

Strawberry, Osmanthus, Tuak | Beta Test Kitchen | Food For Thought


Osmanthus and tuak

The starberry ice cream was a nice little sweet number, with slices of mango adding some tropical sweetness and the tuak adding a funky complexity.

Earl Grey, Chocolate, crispy chocolate | Beta Test Kitchen | Food For Thought

Earl Grey

Chocolate, crispy chocolate and dacquoise

Beautiful as a forest floor, the chocolate-centric dessert was nice with the crispy chocolate bits adding a certain crunch to the creamy texture of the earl grey mousse.

The Beta Test Kitchen Experience

This menu is perfect for those who are looking to not spend too much but still wanting something of quality, with a selection of flavours across Malaysia. For those who are looking for something a little more decadent, there is a more premium menu which is priced at around RM300. As it is a test kitchen, menu may change weekly so do give it a go, a definite opportunity.

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