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Situated across the historic Kuala Lumpur Railway Station is this quaint but noble standing building, with colonial architecture that time travels you into the past, sits the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur. This iconic hotel has a rich history in itself dating back to 1932 standing as the epitome of luxury during the colonial era of Malaya.

Food For Thought - Majestic KL - The Rooftop Garden

The Majestic Hotel was at its height of luxury, with the largest and grandest balls being held at its Rooftop Garden. The Majestic Hotel played host to performers from all over the globe, ranging from Hollywood to the Coliseum in London. It was the grandest hotel in Kuala Lumpur, and was favoured by the colonial elite and prominent guests for its extravagant parties and high tea. After being worn down by time, the prestigious building was declared a Heritage building under the Malaysian Antiquities Act, saving it from further decay. It was only after its short stint as the National Art Gallery that it was bought over by the YTL Group. It was then further refurbished and revived as one of the YTL Classic Hotels that we know today.

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The Majestic Hotel is situated across the iconic Kuala Lumpur Railway Station and consists of two main buildings, the refurbished historical Majestic Wing, and the modernist Tower Wing. Much effort was put into the restoration to ensure that it preserved its original classic feel, but ensuring the comfort and luxury of the 21st century. The classic building, know as the Majestic Wing, which caters with 3 types of suites, consisting of 18 Colonial Suites, 15 Governor Suites and 2 Majestic Suites. The entrance to the Majestic Wing opens up to its chauffeur service available to patrons who reserve their suites, and enters into the Majestic Wing lobby, a quaint little room with its ready and willing butlers waiting to serve you.

When asked about how long the Majestic Hotel’s infamous butler service has been running: –

“Since day one. Talking to our customers prior to the hotel opening, we found out that a lot of them were asking for a full butler service benefit hotel, hence, we decided to provide the service at the majestic wing. Your room price comes with exclusivity, privacy and recognition. Apart from the full butler service we also provide breakfast, classic happy hour, laundry, the mini bar is yours and also a pick up and drop off service in Kuala Lumpur.” – Jeff Mong, Head of Butler Service at Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

Food For Thought - Majestic KL - High Tea

The High Tea

The Majestic Hotel has preserved many of the traditions from the old days, and nothing speaks of colonial Malaya more than the art of high tea. Transforming and preserving this English tradition, the Majestic Hotel is infamous for its various tea services, as well as its large selection of teas from around the world.

Food For Thought - The Majestic KL - Tea Lounge

Tea Lounge

At the Tea Lounge at the Majestic Hotel, you will be able to experience a selection of teas at various tea rooms throughout the hotel. This spacious location gets completely booked up on weekends so its best to call ahead to make a booking before hand.

The Drawing Room | Majestic Hotel | Food For Thought

The Drawing Room

If you prefer to have a more intimate surrounding for a meeting, The Drawing Room offers a picturesque little space perfect for a small company private gathering. There are only a few private rooms like this for hire and an advanced booking would be suggested.

Orchid Conservatory | Majestic Hotel | Food For Thought

Orchid Conservatory

The Orchid Conservatory is another location fit for a nice casual meeting, and perfect for family time. Lined and decorated with an amazing array of different coloured orchids, the conservatory is a great place to hold meetings and functions.

Food For Thought - Majestic KL - Hainaese Chicken Rice

The Dining

At the Majestic Hotel, you can choose to dine at 2 of their standout eateries, namely the Contango, a classy buffet, serving a wide variety of Asian and European fare, and the other, the Colonial Café. This is in addition to their decent room service menu.

The Contango | Majestic Hotel | Food For Thought

The Contango

If you’re up for a classy buffet offering international fare at the Contango, offering wide variety of contemporary Italian, Chinese, Indian, Malay, Thai and Japanese varieties. The Contango has an open kitchen concept where you get to see how most of your food is cooked, and some even cooked to your personalised order fresh.

Food For Thought - Majestic KL - Colonial Cafe 2

Colonial Café

The food served at the Colonial Café deserves commendation for serving uniquely Malaysian Colonial Cuisine, a type of cuisine developed during the colonial era, when the tin mining industry and many people immigrated from China. Many of the Hainanese women who ended up being caretakers for the British households quickly adopted spices that were common from the Malay, Chinese, Indian and British cultures, resulting in some of our favourite dishes we all know and love today such as the Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Food For Thought - Majestic KL - Colonial Cafe

Wine And Drink

There are a few spots you can get a drink at the Majestic Hotel, and keeping it classy is obviously the choice. There is The Bar connected to the Colonial Café and the Tea Lounge; and The Smoke House. The master behind all the drinks at the Majestic Hotel is simply known as Johnny the Barman, who can be seen minding the bar at The Smoke House.

Food For Thought - Majestic KL - The Bar

The Bar

For easy drinks, there is The Bar is a nice location to enjoy a cocktail while listening to live music. In the evenings, you will either be able to watch the live band play, and if not, you will still be able to enjoy the live piano sessions played throughout the day.

Food For Thought - Majestic KL - Smoke Room

The Smoke House

The Smoke House is a bespoke bar serving classic cocktails and is reminiscent of the gentlemen’s club of the old days, complete with individual rooms for hosting events, private dining and even a card room. Equipped with a pool table, the classy environment ensures a nice place to entertain guests, as well as their infamous signature Code 55 and 2 Bulat. This nice little bar is truly reminiscent of the colonial days, from the outfits to the classic cocktails, including the Malaysian cocktail, the Jungle Bird.

The Pampering

The Majestic Hotel has also spared no expense to ensure that you are able to enjoy and relax while you stay, with most of the relaxing comforts within reach. This is where they have prepared themselves to cater for both the gentlemen and the ladies.

Food For Thought - Majestic KL - Trufitt & Hill

Truefitt and Hill

At the Majestic Hotel, there are offering a lifestyle of pampering and luxury, and nothing speaks more truly to this than their services. You can have a day at the salon with the gentlemen at Truefitt and Hill, where a close shave and a hot towel can refresh you before a business meeting or a shoulder massage after a long day.

Food For Thought - Majestic KL - Majestic Spa

The Majestic Spa

For the ladies, and for you more secure gentlemen out there, there is The Majestic Spa, offering up some of the most luxurious spa experiences such as the Malaya Golden Chersonese, the Queen Victoria’s Lavender and The English Afternoon Tea. Each treatment is carefully curated for specific purposes, as each therapist is carefully schooled in the different forms of massage therapy.

Food For Thought - Majestic KL - Bedroom

Review: The Governor Suite

The Governor Suite at the Majestic Hotel comes with its own living room, a bedroom with an en-suite toilet. The bedroom comes with a king sized master bed, and a spacious closet. The décor of the room is reminiscent of the 1920’s and 1970’s and keeps true to its colonial heritage. The living room is decorated with classic furniture offering all the comforts you would expect. The suites come with an amazingly intricate bathtub ornamented with silver paws for its rests. The great thing about the room is not just its intricate attention to detail, but also the comforts of home. You can get your laundry washed, shoes shined and suits ironed to prepare you for your day.

Food For Thought - Majestic KL - Bathtub

The Butler Service

If you reserve a room at the Majestic Hotel, you will have the privilege to use their personalised butler, as well as their chauffeur services. The moment you walk in, they address you by your name, giving you that value added service that you would expect of a 5 star hotel. When asked about the size of the butler service, Mong quipped: –

“We have 8 persons in our team so theoretically should we run at 100% occupancy it still means one butler is looking after no more than 6 suites or 12 persons.”

The butler service is available at your every whim, from making sure you are able to meet your appointments in time, to booking a spa treatment, to ensuring you have your restaurant bookings confirmed. The butler service is to essentially ensure that you have the best stay you can imagine.

Food For Thought - Majestic KL - Budoir

The Chauffeur Service

The chauffeur service runs for 25 kilometres from the hotel, and essentially takes you everywhere you need to be, from KLCC at the heart of town, to KL Sentral to catch the KLIA Express to the airport. This is great for business travellers who want a classy stay and need to move around for business meetings within the city centre.

When asked why the YTL Group has chosen to preserve the Majestic Hotel, Mong stated: –

“We believe every emerging city needs to have it’s own iconic hotel…. And sometimes the resurrection of a hotel can herald a second renaissance. We believe the time is right now and the majestic hotel kl ’s second renaissance will, we hope, help to reaffirm kuala lumpur’s status as a truly great international city. We aspire to be compare to the other great landmark hotels around the world like London’s Dorchester, Hong Kong’s Peninsular, Singapore’ s Raffles, New York’s Waldorf Astoria and George V in Paris.”

The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur Experience

One of the great things about the experience at the Majestic Hotel is the 24 hour check in / check out service, meaning that the moment you check in, you get a whole 24 hour’s worth of stay before you need to depart. If is of no wonder that The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur has been repeatedly suggested as one of the best hotels in Malaysia, from its attention to detail, to its attention to experience. A classic hotel that we hope will weather another hundred years.

Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur
5, Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin,
50000 Kuala Lumpur,
+603 2785 8000


Nicholas Ng

Nicholas Ng is a restaurant critic and drinks writer and is the editor of independent publication Food For Thought. He has been a freelance journalist for the 15 years and has previously worked as a lawyer and in digital marketing. He currently is the Principal Consultant of A Thought Full Consultancy, a food and beverage marketing consultancy.


    • We should definitely go for high tea there. It’s really good. My favourite hotel in KL.

  1. I love the classy deco. The Hi Tea caught my attention. I can imagine one could spend hours chatting away with group of friends on the weekend in this kind of classy and cozy environment. I would love to try their spa too.

  2. Great reviews. I never been to this hotel, after your review, I feel like I had been there.

  3. Nice hotel indeed, haven’t been there. I get invited for several events there but need to pass as timing not suitable for me.

  4. I always hear a lot of advertisements on The Majestic Hotel but have not been there personally. Didn’t know that they even have butler services! That’s pretty cool, gives patrons a very personalized touch to their stay there.

    • The butler service is so good you won’t believe it. When I left I was sad I couldn’t take one with me.

  5. OH MY! Majestic Hotel really suits to its name. I love the rooftop! Its great that you shared this post. I was in need to look for a location for a bridal shower. PERFECT TIMING!

    • Hey Aliza, I can put you in touch with the PR team if you’re looking to organize your bridal shower there. Let me know. 🙂

  6. this is such a beautiful historical hotel, I always pass by and wished I can stay there…it’s like a getaway away from the city but still being in one.

    • It’s an amazing hotel. One of my favourites, if not, my favourite in KL. When I left I wished I could take away the butler service with me.

  7. Awesome post! I never knew there is so much goodness in Majestic Hotel. Maybe can go visit there some day.

  8. Luxury Hotel and I love the classic deco. I have try their buffet before and the food taste good but a bit pricey.

  9. I went to Majestic Hotel once last year. It was a grand historical hotel. However, never went to any lounge or restaurants there.

    • You should try out the High Tea at the Tea Lounge. Really nice place to spend time with friends and family.

  10. The Orchid & Drawing Room look fantastic! I’ve seen photos of people there and I was soooo envious

    • You really should try visiting some time. It’s such a marvellous experience. Definitely worth a visit.

  11. High Tea at the Tea Lounge is great there!
    Been there with my BFF for tea time.

  12. the interior looks really aristocrat! … and that bathtub caught my eyes more… nothing is better than a relaxing bath time for me …ha ha! additionally the butler service sounds awesome!

  13. I was like, hmmm another fancy hotel with fancy cafe, then I saw the 24 hours’ worth of stay!!! omg that’s so awesome!! i wasnt aware that there’s hotel that doing the same thing! thumbs up!!

    • You pay what you get for. The Majestic is a premium brand, so I believe it is worth it. I’ve been there many times and have always enjoyed my stays.

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