Super Secret Social Club: A Farm To Table Supper Club

Crab And Corn Soup | Super Secret Social Club | Food For Thought

Super Secret Social Club, a secret supper club is no longer super secret. This latest addition to the Kuala Lumpur dining scene involves 3 people running a tight little kitchen to bring you interpretations of some well-known Malaysian favourites, together with a wine pairing by their own sommelier.

Super Secret Social Club | Food For Thought

The Not So Secret Super Secret Social Supper Club

Super Secret Social Club is run by trio Jonathan Sebastian, Nicolas Grisé and Rachel Henry, with Sebastian and Henry heading their kitchen while Grisé functions as the in-house sommelier. The supper club which has been gaining traction is usually hosted in a secret location, where dishes are prepared with an homage to fine dining, but in a more casual setting. They are also championing local ingredients, which they try to incorporate into each dish, all with a wine pairing of 3 glasses, which you can add to your liking as suggested by Grisé.

Salak | Super Secret Social Club | Food For Thought


Marinated in plum sauce and anchovies, chillies and coriander, served in rice flour pai tee, topped off with desiccated coconut and calamansi
A simple amuse bouche, the small, marinated bite was full of astringency, typical of the salak fruit, with was contrasted with the crisp of the pai tee.

Pomelo | Super Secret Social Club | Food For Thought


Pomelo served with green chilli vinaigrette, salted egg, dehydrated kumquat, and a mix of sweet salt, black and white sesame, chives and chilli
A simple bite, the pomelo was served with a nice mix of crunch and umami sweet and spiciness from the vinaigrette.

Golden Snapper Sashimi | Super Secret Social Club | Food For Thought

Golden Snapper Sashimi

Lemon ponzu starfruit, red radish, and sesame tamarind reduction
A light and simple preparation of the golden snapper paired with a tamarind reduction and starfruit ponzu for some balance of tartness.

Crab And Corn Soup | Super Secret Social Club | Food For Thought

Crab And Corn Soup

Organic pearl white corn prepared 3 ways, soup, charred and raw served with a cured egg and raw corn silk with ginger and green chilli vinegar
This dish was our favourite of the night, a tribute to the crab and sweetcorn soup common to Cantonese cuisine. The soup is made of a pearl white corn base, which is naturally very luminescent and sweet, infused with a certain sweet umami and depth from a cured yolk, added with corn silk for textures of edible fine strands. Quite an impressive dish.

Beetroot Tartare | Super Secret Social Club | Food For Thought

Beetroot Tartare

Cekor (sand ginger), cashew cream, fucuk (bean curd skin), pineapple and burnt chilli padi and chive flowers
The beetroot tartare was simple and flavourful, with the unique taste of sand ginger giving it a bit of a kick, while the cashew cream added a creamy texture, making it quite a decent vegetarian dish.

Squid Ink Chitarra | Super Secret Social Club | Food For Thought

Squid Ink Chitarra

Squid Ink Chitarra served with chicken & shiitake reduction, finished with nutritional yeast, dried prawns and salted egg yolk
One of the more impressive dishes on the menu was the handmade squid ink chitarra, a square pasta known for its distinctive texture, that was garnished with crispy nutritional yeast adding a layer of texture and umami.

Butterfish | Super Secret Social Club | Food For Thought


Belacan mash potatoes in aromatic Asian consommé
A simple dish of butterfish served in a consommé, the belacan mash potatoes had a gritty texture to it while a slice of burnt lemon added a much-needed acidity to the dish, balancing it out.

Jackfruit Tau Fu Fah | Super Secret Social Club | Food For Thought

Jackfruit Tau Foo Fah

Burnt butter jackfruit, salted almond brittle, and Bentong ginger infused Gula Kabong
An interpretation of an Ipoh classic dessert, the tau fu fah was served with salted almond brittle for some crunch and sweetness, with the burnt jackfruit adding texture and flavour, topped with spicy Bentong ginger infused gula kabong for a balance of sweetness.

Jackfruit Baklava | Super Secret Social Club | Food For Thought

Jackfruit Baklava

Jackfruit, filo pastry, homemade labneh, burnt honey ice cream, salted sesame brittle, pistachio crumb and kumquat syrup
A very simple but effective dessert, the baklava is a dish dedicated to Rachel’s father, served with burnt honey ice cream and salted sesame brittle. The contrast from the various notes of sweetness made it a great way to end the meal.

Super Secret Social Club 2 | Food For Thought

Super Secret Social Club Experience

A hark back to the good old days when supper clubs helped lonely souls meet new people with whom to break bread, the Super Secret Social Club delivers that experience again without social media or apps. You get to meet new people from all walks of life while experiencing a dinner of elevated Malaysian favourites. The cuisine however, is not fixed and may vary according to season and ingredients, so it’s best to book.

Super Secret Social Club
Secret location in Damansara Heights
+6014 265 8630


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