Nadodi’s Liquid Degustation: Traversing The Indian Landscape One Drop At A Time

White Revolution | Nadodi Liquid Degustation | Food For Thought

When it comes to Indian fine dining in Kuala Lumpur, there are few and far between that comes close to doing what Nadodi does, and now, they have taken it further by creating a liquid degustation to match. The new menu takes you through a journey across the Indian subcontinent, taking inspiration from as far north as the Tibetan plateau, to the homelands of Nadodi’s cuisine itself, Southern India, once again taking you on their nomadic journey.

Nadodi: Indian Inspired Cocktails

Nadodi is known in Kuala Lumpur to have one of the more unique dining experiences, with its elevated Southern Indian fine dining, but now, they have taken the next step – by creating a drink menu to that complements their creativity when it comes to food. The cocktails here use modern techniques including clarification and the ever so in demand rotavap. But not only that, they have also managed to pay an honest homage to the rich multitude of cultures that makes up India.

The Nadodi Liquid Degustation Menu

There are 3 ways Nadodi’s cocktails can be enjoyed, firstly, a la carte, and the two other ways being the Degustation I or Degustation II menus, with the Degustation I consisting of 3 cocktails while Degustation II consisting of 5. The total menu consist of 7 cocktails, with only the Rasam exsisting on both.

Rose To The Occasion | Nadodi Liquid Degustation | Food For Thought

Rose To The Occasion

Diplomatico Planas rum, Mancino Secco vermouth, raisin, saffron and rose
The rum cocktail is beautifully served in a nosing glass, the sweet and complex diplomatico worked well balanced with the dry vermouth, and an interesting texture from the effervescent rose kombucha, with rose being a popular ingredient used across the Indian subcontinent.

Rasam | Nadodi Liquid Degustation | Food For Thought


Tried & True vodka, spice distillate, sour tomatoes, warm leather, rice and tempering
For those familiar with south Indian cuisine, the Rasam comes as no surprise, but what Nadodi has managed to do is to make it into a palatable savoury cocktail, a play on a Bloody Mary if you will. The vodka makes a good body, with the spice distillate adding the familiar flavours of spice, while the rice cracker with dollops of tomato adding a nice texture. This cocktail is easily one of the tastiest and is definitely a signature cocktail, appearing on both Liquid Degustations.

Tipsy Banana | Nadodi Liquid Degustation | Food For Thought

Tipsy Banana Boat

Nusa Cana spiced rum, toasted coconut, banana, sparking, cardamom and jaggery
The payasam based cocktail pays homage to one of India’s most popular desserts, commonly by boiling banana and milk with rice. The cocktail uses nusa cana as its base which has hints of overripe banana, perfect for this cocktail. The toasted coconut and banana are key ingredients to the payasam, with hints of cardamom and the deep flavours from the jaggery quite apparent. The banana leather adds a nice little bite.

White Revolution Cocktail | Nadodi Liquid Degustation | Food For Thought

White Revolution

Tried & true vodka, mint yoghurt, cumin-caraway, black salt and Perrier
The White Revolution is essentially a clarified milk punch, with amazing flavours of mint yoghurt, cumin and caraway. The cocktail is full of flavour and is made light using some sparkling water. The cocktail is garnished with a piece of nitrogen frozen dhokla, a type of Gujerati chickpea rice cake. This cocktail is very elegant, paying homage to a flavour that rings in the heart of many, yet, extremely reorderable. A cocktail that is dangerously moreish.

Our Humble Tea | Nadodi Liquid Degustation | Food For Thought

Our Humble Tea

Michter’s Bourbon whiskey, butter, lapsang tea, saline and bitters
One of the more unique cocktails on the menu, this concoction draws inspiration from a drink from the Chinese-Indian border on the Tibetan plateau, also known as the po cha or gur gur cha, a type of salty yak milk. The Michter’s bourbon has a rich flavour, making a great base for reference of a heavier body on the palate. The lapsang souchong is known as one of the smokiest tea in the world, with the saline solution giving the cocktail that saltiness. The cocktail is served with a side of Tibetan khapse, a butter biscuit that is very similar to the Malaysian braided ribbon biscuit.

Read My Two lips | Nadodi Liquid Degustation | Food For Thought

Read My Tulips

Mancino Amaranto vermouth, jasmine, mango, bergamot and pear
One of the lighter cocktails, the vermouth-based drink pays homage to the Alphonso mangoes of Maharashtra, India’s most famous export. The sweet and fragrant mangoes kombucha is mixed with the bittersweet fragrance of the bergamot and sweet pear creating a unique complex sweetness.

Scapegoat | Nadodi Liquid Degustation | Food For Thought


Bombay Sapphire gin, goat’s cheese, strawberries and flora sencha
The scapegoat is one of cocktails that seem light at first, but has quite the umami punch. The gin based cocktail uses goat’s cheese for that umami, sweetness from strawberries, and sencha for that bitter floral notes. The cocktail is one of the more complex ones on the menu, but definitely has one of the more interesting flavours. Sweet, savoury and with a surprisingly medium to heavy mouthfeel, you definitively should try this cocktail, at least once.

Nadodi is a restaurant listed on the 50 Best Discovery.

Lot 183,
1st Floor, Jalan Mayang,
Off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
+6017 296 9520
Opening Hours:
Mondays to Saturdays, 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm
Closed Sundays


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