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MO Bar: International Cocktail Bar

Located within the pristinely perfect hotel in Marina Square sits the recently opened MO BAR at Mandarin Oriental, Singapore. This beautiful bar is inspired by the Pacific Ocean as well as the many ports littered across Asia, with drinks and cocktails inspired by some of the best tropical destinations. The drink menu is carefully crafted to deliver an experience catered to the individual’s palate, from light flavours to bolder ones.

Michele Mariotti | Bar Manager | MO BAR Singapore | Food For Thought

The MO BAR is headed by Michele Mariotti who spent nine years bartending at esteemed venues in London before relocating to Singapore to join the opening team as Bar Manager of MO BAR. As head bartender, Michele places equal importance on hospitality and mixing drinks.

“MO BAR’s current cocktail menu is a collection of fourteen cocktails inspired by different ports in the region and evokes “People of the Sea”. It is a story of adventure and exploration through the flavours, customs and myths of the Pacific Ocean, MO BAR’s menu invites guests to enjoy their journey and the cocktails inspired by it.” — Michele Mariotti, Head Bartender of MO Bar at Mandarin Oriental, Singapore.

Interior | MO BAR Singapore | Food For Thought

The MO BAR Cocktail Menu

The cocktail menu at MO BAR is inspired by islands of the Pacific ranging from Fiji all the way to Hong Kong. Each drink on the menu is an homage to the ingredients from these faraway places, with Kaffir lime leaves from Malaysia to arrack from Sri Lanka.

Mother of Dragons | MO BAR Singapore | Food For Thought

Mother Of Dragons

Strawberry aloe vera, dragon fruit cachaça.

The Mother of Dragons is made from strawberry aloe vera, red dragon fruit juice and cachaça, complete with a sheet of edible rice paper with a wondeful dragon aesthetic print. The drink has sweet and tangy undertones from the strawberry, with the sweet cachaça. The rice paper does not add flavour, but makes a beautiful visual delight. Definitely give this signature a try.

Back To Bali | MO BAR Singapore | Food For Thought

Back To Bali

Indonesian pandan rum, ginger lemon tea ice.

The Back to Bali is made from Indonesian Pandan rum, ginger lemon tea ice cube and is served with a dollop of pandan cake on the side. The pandan rum balances well without the pandan flavour overpowering the entire drink, and this is achieved by having the ginger lemon tea ice cube slowly melt making the drink blend well. Very zesty, refreshing and clever. The little pandan cake on the side, a traditional Balinese dessert, adds a sweet ending.

7000 Leagues | MO BAR Singapore | Food For Thought

7,000 Leagues Ahead

Super sonic gin, kaffir lime leaf oil.

The 7,000 Leagues ahead is made simple from super sonic gin and kaffir lime leaf oil. The kaffir lime leaves are directly brought in from Malaysia and are the utmost high quality, in terms of fragrance and oils that can be used.

Tea Time | MO BAR Singapore | Food For Thought

Tea Time

Javanese bourbon tea, arrack cashew cake.

The Tea Time is made from Javanese bourbon tea and is served with a side of Arrack cashew cake. The Javanese tea pairs well with the bourbon, and is served with a creamy foam on top, making a good nightcap. Also, the Arrack cashew cake makes a nice sweet ending.

Oysters | MO BAR Singapore | Food For Thought


The Oysters here come served with an assortment of condiments, but probably went the best with the cold fresh apple sauce.


The Avocado is a cream dessert made from pandan sponge, yuzu and as its seed, a gula melaka ice cream. The dessert was luxuriously encased in a sugar glass shell with gold leaf, cracking with the gentle tap of a spoon revealing the inner goodness. The creamy avocado cream marries well with the sweet gula melaka ice cream core, balancing the dish very well. This dessert is definitely worth a try.

5, Raffles Avenue,
Marina Square,
Singapore 039797
+65 6885 3500
Opening Hours:
Sundays to Thursdays, 11.00 am to 1.00 am
Fridays and Saturdays, 11.00 am to 2.00 am


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  1. Everything looks so gorgeous here!!! That avocado thing looks amazing. 😀

  2. I visited recently with a client, he really loved it. Great service and experience.

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