Gin Rik Sha: A Modern Indian Hidden Gem

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If you’ve never been to Gin Rik Sha, you should pay them a casual visit. This unassuming eatery seeks to bring to its patrons not a version of fusion Indian, but modern Indian cuisine, elevated dishes that we may know all too well. In addition to its quirky and interesting derived name from the beck and call of the rickshaw walla, the restaurant serves a number of stunningly delicious dishes from its Kerala prawn pizza to their simple yet delectable lentil risotto.

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Contemporary Indian Cuisine

Many people struggle with differentiating modern Indian cuisine with fusion cuisine, and Gin Rik Sha seeks to show the difference. The restaurant has a quirky history in its name, lending from the Japanese cognates meaning person (jin, 人) who is strong (riki, 力) pulling a covered carriage (sha, 車). The owners spent her secondary school years in India, where she was inspired by the dedication and dependability of the rickshaw runners, working rain or shine, even throughout the monsoon. It is with this dedication that Gin Rik Sha seeks to emulate to ensure that their patrons can always count of them, not just in food and drink, but in service.

Grilled Spicy Lamb Burger

Spicy tomato jam, brinjal pachadi, lettuce and arugula
The lamb burger might be a simple dish, but do not underestimate its packing of flavours. The patty was firm with a decent bite, not overly dry or overcooked. As lamb is a tricky creature, you almost never have a lamb burger medium rare as you would want to avoid its musky flavour. The one here was actually cooked just right, for that its aim was.

Kerala Prawn Pizza Photo | Gin Rik Sha | Food For Thought

Kerala Prawn Pizza

Prawn, onion and green chilli
One of their more delicious dishes, the kerala prawn pizza is an easy take on their usual fare, of having the traditional Keralan prawns but as an easy to go lunch. With a decent creamy heat and a crispy crust, the dish is one that is very moreish.

Bombay Masala Salmon | Gin Rik Sha | Food For Thought

Bombay Masala Salmon

Spice crusted salmon with couscous biryani
A decent take on a Bombay spiced crusted salmon, the fish was cooked well, but the real highlight of this dish is the couscous briyani, a modern interpretation of a biryani, full of intensified flavour. Couscous biryani should be a more common thing.

Lentil Risotto Rice | Gin Rik Sha | Food For Thought

Lentil Risotto

Lentil sambar, Arborio rice and roasted potatoes
Easily one of the best dishes on the menu, the modern take of a very traditional flavour works very well. The sambar’s flavour is pronounced and works very well as a risotto, with its creamy, nutty and mild spice. The roasted potatoes added a bit of contrasting texture, but this dish is easily one of the most understated dishes on the menu. A must try.

Baked Yoghurt Pudding Rose | Gin Rik Sha | Food For Thought

Baked Yogurt Pudding with Sugared Rose Petals and Pistachios

Yoghurt, Candied Organic Rose Petals
A simple take on traditional northern Indian flavours, the yoghurt was sweet and light, but the candied rose petals added a nice texture to the dessert. Gin Rik Sha also only uses organic rose petals to ensure that it’s all completely edible and safe for consumption.

Carrot Halwa Filo Pastry

Serves with black pepper ice cream
A modern take on a traditional in Indian cuisine, the filo pastry is the perfect vessel for modernising the humble dessert. Coming off like a samosa, the crispy pastry makes quite the nice piping hot morsel, especially with the contrast coming from the simple yet delicious black pepper ice cream.

A Day At The Beach | Gin Rik Sha | Food For Thought

A Day At The Beach

Rum, coconut, ginger and curry leaf
Almost like a pina colada, the cocktail was easy to drink, was creamy and the curry leaf added a hint of spice.

Amma's Potion | Gin Rik Sha | Food For Thought

Amma’s Potion

Gin, coriander leaf, lime juice, and cucumber syrup
A take on a cucumber cooler, the simple cocktail had the right ideas.

People | Gin Rik Sha | Food For Thought

The Gin Rik Sha Experience

Overall Gin Rik Sha delivers an interesting experience, one that takes traditional Indian cuisine and elevates it to something modern we can savour, without it feeling like fusion. The dishes are carefully thought out before changes are made to not just create a new dish, but one that reminds you of cuisine you grew up eating. Definitely worth a pop by when you’re in the vicinity.

Gin Rik Sha
37, Ground Floor,
Plaza Damansara,
Jalan Medan Setia 1,
Bukit Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur
+6010 243 8266
Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday, 1.00 pm to 12.00 am
Closed Mondays.


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