Chef’s Playbook: A Journey Through Hong Kong’s Culinary Stars

Chef's Playbook | Discover Hong Kong Michelin Stars | Food For Thought

Hong Kong is world renowned not only as an international travel destination, but also home to some of the best Michelin starred restaurants in the world. Not only will you that level of quality and luxury at some terrific fine dining restaurants, but it’s also in the simple dishes prepared by dai pai dongs and char chan teng. This is where the Chef’s Playbook comes in, delving into the relationship between these Michelin star chefs and their love affair with Hong Kong. Continue reading

Sizzling Steaks and Creative Cocktails At Maria’s SteakCafe

Maria Signature | Maria's Steak Café Cocktails | Food For Thought

Maria’s SteakCafe is one of the most trusted no fuss nor frills steakhouses for affordable and high-quality steaks, and now, they have released a special cut only available at all outlets. In addition to that, the steakhouse also boasts a new cocktail menu, created by the legendary Amanda Wan. We tasted everything on the menu to help you choose which cocktail will tickle your fancy. Continue reading

Colombian Rum: Diego Quintero Jaramillo of Dictador Rum

Dictador XO Insolent | Dictador Rum | Food For Thought

Dictador rum has finally reached the Malaysian shores, with 4 expressions including their Fine and Rare which blurs the rum categories. This Colombian distillery not only produces rum to boot, but also their own style of gin. We speak to Diego Quintero Jaramillo, Asia-Pacific Sales Director to find out what is so unique about this rum. Continue reading

Travel The World With Mancino Vermouth Cocktails At Frank’s Bar

Mancino Vermouth Cocktails | Frank's Bar | Food For Thought

In their second rendition of cocktails from across the world, this brand new special menu focuses on 4 more cocktails from around the world including Barcelona, Bratislava, London and Rome, each created by a superstar bartender. Also, did you know that mancino means lefthanded in Italian? Continue reading

A Taste Of Japan: Tokyo Street at Pavilion

IchiZen | Tokyo Street | Food For Thought

Have you been missing piping hot Japanese food? Japanese cuisine is easily one of those that is very tricky to replicate at home, and although there are many places that do decent delivery, nothing beats dining in with dishes presented a la minute. Here we pick 5 of our favourite restaurants at Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL that will spoil you with choices. Continue reading

Bartender Spotlight: Siew Han Jun, Liquid Manager of WET Deck, W Kuala Lumpur

Siew Han Jun - Liquid Manager | Siew Han Jun, Liquid Manager of WET Deck | Food For Thought

Kuala Lumpur is not short of good bartenders, and this is no exception at W Kuala Lumpur. The bar at WET Deck is currently headed by Liquid Manager Siew Han Jun who comes off as very humble yet knowledgeable. We speak to him to learn more about the bar as well as their Tanqueray Cocktail Kit that you can purchase for your home. Continue reading

A Franco-Chinois Fine Dining Approach at DC Restaurant

Diver Scallop Tempura Landscape | Franco-Chinois Menu | DC Restaurant

It is always a treat when you receive an invite from Darren Chin, patron chef of DC Restaurant. As a chef whose career I have been following for the past few years, each menu is an iteration of something that is always ever changing and adapting, while staying true to his technique driven approach. From Japanese ingredients to classical French approach, it is well known that DC produces cuisine that is fine at every juncture. His latest take however, touches on his heritage, with interpretations of Franco-Chinois, simple yet elegant. Continue reading

The Scent Of Taste: Concubine KL x Olfac3 Perfume Cocktail Pairing

Bois De L'Est Perfume and Cocktail | Concubine X OLFAC3 | Food For Thought

Award winning artisanal perfumers Olfac3 has teamed up with Concubine KL to come up with a perfume pairing fitting for a wonderful night. With a selection of some of their signature perfumes, the series highlights each scent with a cocktail made to match, including their signature Matahari, Midori and Bois De L’Est. Continue reading