Marina Bay Sands: A Destination For The Gourmet Traveller

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The recent Where The Senses Feast Food And Wine Festival saw a number of big names from across the region showcasing some of the best offerings in the culinary world, including Chef Ton of Le Du Bangkok and Tetsuya Wakuda of WakuGhin. In addition to that we will explore some of the many facets of dining and drink at Marina Bay Sands.

Where Your Senses Feast Food And Wine Festival 2023 | Marina Bay Sands | Food For Thought

Where Your Senses Feast Food And Wine Festival

The Where Your Senses Feast Food And Wine Festival was held from the 15th to 28th May showcasing a number of food and drink events throughout Marina Bay Sands, with big names such as Chef Ton of Le Du Bangkok, but with also a number of special offerings by many of the restaurants under the Marina Bay Sands flag such as RISE, db Bistro & Oyster Bar, Spago, Bread Street Kitchen & Bar and the fairly newly opened WAKUDA.

A Culinary Symphony with Chef Ton of Le Du Bangkok

An event of art meet cuisine
This grand event saw Chef Ton showcase his modern Thai cuisine, with a performance to go with the lunch, including a three-piece set with piano and a harpist, but also acrobatic acts. The idea of the symphony was to synchronise the highs and lows of the cuisine with a musical performance to be experienced together.


Marina Bay Sands’ signature buffet restaurant
RISE offers a number of eclectic cuisines with offerings across Asia and Europe. Local dishes such as the chicken rice and Australian beef rendang are done well, and we also highly recommend the Singapore Laksa which is extremely moreish, as well as their snow crab legs from the cold seafood bar. If you want to level up you laksa, we recommend mixing and matching with the ingredients, like adding seafood in your laksa.

Db Bistro & Oyster Bar

Casual French bistro and oyster bar
The casual bistro by iconic chef Daniel Boulud is casual enough for family, but also has that level of execution you’d expect of a chef at this calibre. Do order the Duo of Jumbo Asparagus topped with crunchy toasted almonds in a delicious mustard and tarragon infused poached egg dressing. Also try the Lamb Navarin.


Californian cuisine with a spectacular view
Spago located at level 57 of the Sands SkyPark, arguably the best view overseeing the Marina Bay, serves as a decent breakfast location. Guided by Wolfgang Puck, the dishes here are great for the multicultural traveller. The nasi lemak was pretty decent.

Bread Street Kitchen & Bar

Industrial warehouse-designed restaurant
Gordon Ramsay’s family oriented bistro, the restaurant serves a number of dishes fans might be familiar with. We enjoyed the Butter Chicken, a great British-Indian staple, as well as the iconic Beef Wellington, served as a whole. The signature Tamarind Spiced Chicken Wings were also a great snack.


Season-guided modern Japanese cuisine
If you’ve ever wanted to know what Tetsuya Wakuda’s cuisine taste like, this is the perfect place to get that level of attention to cuisine, but in a slightly more casual setting than WakuGhin. The lunch menus here are brilliantly curated, with such delicate finesse and attention to details such as the type of ingredients used such as bettarazuke (pickled daikon) and nasu (Japanese eggplant), but most impressively, the knifework, where every component was treated respectfully.

ArtScience Museum

A side quest from all the eating, we highly recommend this as it’s a great way to interact with technology. The current Exhibitions consist of Future World, Sneakertopia and the VR Gallery which is currently playing Starry Sand Beach, a magnificent journey under the sea.

Digital Light Canvas by teamLab

You can also draw and bring your drawings to life at the Digital Light Canvas as they move through the hall in an impressive way. You can also print your drawings on totebags, badges and t-shirts, making it quite a cool souvenir to take home.

The Luxe Collection

There is nothing like a stay at the new Luxe Collection, which was a USD1 million as an investment, which is very apparent. These suites come with an Armoire of a pristinely curated snacks, a beautiful bath and a lot of automation such as the nightlights that turn on when your feet touch the floor. The attention of finesse in quality of amenities like the wooden toothbrush. The turndown service of ice bucket for the cocktail trolley, also great points.


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