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There are few things in the world that is better than a bottle of fine wine, and at The Social, they have taken that a step further, creating The Social Wine Shop. This extension to the popular brand stems to focus on bringing some of the best wines around to give you more than the regular selection of reds and whites. The Social Wine Shop has a healthy range of over 240 labels, from their affordable premium house wines to rare selections, and is making them available for wine pairings and for you to take home.

Wine Selection | The Social Wine Shop | Food For Thought

The Social Wine Shop

The Social Wine Shop is the latest project by The Social Group, and really is an answer to the request by the public to expand on their collection of wines. The Social Wine Shop carries over 240 labels from over 12 regions. The Social Wine Shop also retails these bottles at supermarket prices, but as many of the bottles are rare selections, you will never find them at supermarkets. The wines are sorted by region and are sold at quite affordable prices. The Social Wine Shop is currently available at The Social DesaPark City, The Social Publika and The Social 163 Retail Park.

David Stephan | The Social Wine Shop | Food For Thought

The wines have been carefully selected for any occasion, ranging from wine pairings and wine classes held by The Social, as well as wines from all ranges curated for dinner pairings ranging from reds to whites. As David Stephan, Sommelier at The Social Wine Shop quips: –

“We have carefully selected each bottle for the perfect pairing, from our premium house wines to some of our rarer bottles. The Domaine de Bargylus comes from a wine producer in Lebanon, which has a rich history as one of the regions oldest winemakers. This Syrian red is perfect for meat pairings and makes a good wine for conversation.” — David Stephan, Sommelier of The Social Wine Shop and The Social Group.

The Social Chardonnay Australia De Bortoli | The Social Wine Shop | Food For Thought

The Social Wine Shop Wine Tasting

The wine tasting involved 3 bottles from the different ranges, which were The Social Premium Chardonnay, the Domaine de Bargylus Red and the Gerard Bertrand ‘Chateau l’Hospitalet’ – La Clape.

The Social Chardonnay Australia De Bortoli | The Social Wine Shop | Food For Thought

The Social Chardonnay, Australia 2018

The Social Chardonnay is a selection from the premium white wine range, which has been carefully chosen from the De Bortoli Wine House in the Yarra Valley. The chardonnay has hues of light green and has hints of ripe peaches and nectarines, and as exemplified by the distinctive Australian chardonnays, the mouthfeel is creamy and has a long finish. There is something quite unique about Australian chardonnays compared to its European counterparts, in which chardonnays are traditionally not creamy.

Kushiyaki Vegetables | The Social Wine Shop | Food For Thought

This chardonnay is best paired with fish, shellfish and grilled vegetables.

Domaine de Bargylus Red | The Social Wine Shop | Food For Thought

The Domaine de Bargylus Red

The Domaine de Bargylus comes from one of the most dangerous vines in the world, as it run by the Saade Family, who also owns Chateau Marsyas in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. The family left Syria in 1960 post the Islamic revolution and founded the land in the Latakia in Western Coastal Syria, which is still used to produce wine until today. This area was said by the Pliny the Elder as one of the best regions for wines. The red cuvée of the estate is a made from a blend of 60% Syrah, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Merlot; organically-grown grapes, handpicked and aged in oak barrels for 14 months minimum, with 25% new barrels. The wine carries a dark purple hue, with a complex nose with hints of spice. The wine balances well on the palate, with a hint of minerality. The deep flavour tastes of ripe fruits and hints of black pepper and cinnamon.

Lamb | The Social Wine Shop | Food For Thought

Perhaps the best element of this red is the long fruity finish, which is perfect with red meats, lamb and steaks.

Gerard Bertrand 'Chateau l’Hospitalet' - La Clape | The Social Wine Shop | Food For Thought

Gerard Bertrand ‘Chateau l’Hospitalet’ – La Clape

Chateau l’Hospitalet is one of the oldest winemakers dating from the 13th century, and like some of the best wines in the world, was made by monks. The wines produced here are made from grapes grown on the alluvial deposits from the river Aude, giving the grapes the right terrior for producing these rich fruity wines. Gerard Bertrand ‘Chateau l’Hospitalet’ is a blend of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre, spending 12 to 16 months in French oak barrels.  The wine is balanced on the palate, with flavours of jam, and black berries and currants coming through. You also get a hint of gingerbread. This complex wine is elegant and can keep for a while if you prefer it in your cellar.

Lobster | The Social Wine Shop | Food For Thought

This red works well with heavier seafood like lobster and works well with lighter meats for a balanced flavour.

The Social Wine Shop Experience

The Social Wine Shop offers something quite different from what you would be accustomed to, in that they offer a premium wine selection at pretty affordable prices. The wines range from traditional European fare, to American wines of the Napa Valley as well as Australian choices from the Yarra Valley. The best element about this wine store is that you’re able to take them away at any time, without restricting yourself to a hefty price tag. If you’re looking for more than your regular selection, give them a gander, you wont regret it.

The Social 163 Retail Park
GF-17, Ground Floor,
163, Retail Park,
No 8, Jalan Kiara,
Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
+603 6412 7008
Directions to The Social 163 Retail Park
The Social Bangsar
57-59, Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
+603 2282 2260
Directions to The Social Bangsar

The Social DesaPark City
GF-02, The Waterfront @ Parkcity,
5, Persiaran Residen,
Desa ParkCity
52200 Kuala Lumpur
+603 6279 9225
Directions to The Social DesaPark City
The Social Publika
No 31 & 32 Level G2,
Block C5, Publika,
Solaris Dutamas,
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
+603 6207 9225
Directions to The Social Publika


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  1. I go to the social all the time! I love the food there. Never really go for the wines but will try the next time.

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  4. I like that Malaysians enjoy wines. Australian chardonnays are some of my favourites.

  5. I really have to visit Malaysia sometime soon Nick. There’s so much good food there!

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