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Tucked within the streets of TTDI sit Meatology, a meat forward restaurant by Award-winning chef Yenni Law. The eatery focuses on all kinds of protein, from their notoriously delicious char siew yuk, a best of both worlds’ pork dish to their Award-Winning Duck Breast. Best of all, is the live flambé of your steaks at your table.

Chef Yenni Law | Meatology | Food For Thought

Meat Master: Award-Winning Chef Yenni Law

Executive Chef Yenni Law has been a chef for over 20 years in England, Spain and now Kuala Lumpur, with a stint at Boathouse winning the prestigious Most Innovative Guest Experience Award by the Hospitality Asia Pacific Awards (HAPA) in 2014. The chef is also author to her recipe book Meatology, in which the restaurant derives its name from. The restaurant is quite simple in their ethos, to deliver good quality cuts to people.

We’re in the business of nourishing people with good quality meats. People ultimately need protein to grow and we have very experienced chefs who take pride and passion in sourcing and delivering them to your table. Why do we do that? Simply because we really do give a damn about what our guests put in their gut. We pride ourselves as “Your Flaming Meat Hub”. Whereby, we Flambé our meats to elevate and enhance flavours of the different cuts of meats. Flambé is indeed a show stopper and it delivers a wow experience for our guests. At Meatology, we always address and treat our customers as our guests. Why so? Because when our guests arrive at our houses we make them welcome and we always give them the best.” — Yenni Law, Executive Chef of Meatology.

Escargot | Meatology | Food For Thought


French snails cooked in secret cream sauce and spinach
The escargots were cooked in a traditional French preparation, but adding spinach reminiscent of a sauce Florentine. Always good with a side of bread.

Tuna Tataki | Meatology | Food For Thought

Tuna Tataki

180gm intense heat seared medium rare sashimi tuna served with Meatology ponzu glaze

A thick cut of tuna served still pink in the middle, had a nice sear on the outside. The ponzu glaze was a nice addition of balance with acidity, with the grassy enoki and creamy mash adding sweetness and texture.

Chef Yenni Law Flambé | Meatology | Food For Thought

Steak on Fire

210gm Australian tenderloin grilled and flambé at your table, served with our signature creamy pepper sauce
This steak on fire is one of Chef Yenni’s signatures, where the steak is flambéed at your table, not just a spectacle to witness, but also ensuring that you have the perfect sear and char to your steak. The Australian tenderloin itself was also grilled perfectly medium rare, with a selection of salts including the uniquely piquant silk road salt.

Petite Tender Wagyu | Meatology | Food For Thought

Petite Tender Wagyu

250gm Australian grain-fed chuck shoulder MS6, organically-fed, antibiotic-free and no hormone meat, comes with pumpkin mash and sautéed mushroom
This cut was very tender, and although a grain-fed wagyu, still had a nice beefy aroma to it, succulent and springy to the bite. The balance of fat to flavour is more apparent with this cut, and is great with a dollop of the smoked salt.

15-Year Pork | Meatology | Food For Thought

15-Year Pork

Caramel of roasted pork with garlic, bacon chillies and crackling
One of their signatures, the aptly named 15-Year Pork gets its identity not because that it takes 15 years to make, but that the recipe has not changed for 15 years. The caramel roasted pork with bits of garlic, bacon chillies and crackling is smothered in a sweetened sticky soy based sauce, with  a mix of chewy and crunchy textures with umami heavy flavours.

Award Winning Duck Breast | Meatology | Food For Thought

Award Winning Duck Breast

House-smoked duck breast baked in oven, served with citrus trinity sauce
The award-winning duck is also one of Chef Yenni’s signatures, served with a sweet and tangy passionfruit sauce. The duck is oven roasted with a taut and crispy skin, which cuts well, which is evidenced by how firm the duck breast is under the knife. The tangy sauce marries well with the aroma of the smoky duck. A must try.

Char Siew Yuk 2 | Meatology | Food For Thought

Char Siew Yuk

Pork belly marinated over 48 hours with secret char siew sauce
An amalgamation of the two iconic Chinese dishes, the char siew yuk marries char siew and Chinese roast pork, the dish is marinated in the sauce and then grilled, allowing the sweetness of the marinade to seep into the fibres of the pork. A must try for siu yuk fans.

Bad Monte Alternative Wines

Bad Monte alternative wines are also available at Meatology, which also happens to carry a Meatology bespoke alternative wine, with flavours of nutmeg, complementing the meats. The alternative wines selection are all pretty unique, each with a distinct time or day to drink them, with flavours such as the All Day Riesling with its truffle flavour and Thong Lor Tuesday Blend with lemongrass being some of their highlights.

The Meatology Experience

Meatology has been around for quite a while, very understandably why, as their meat-centric menus ensure that each meal is full of flavour and unadulterated. Dishes are presented simply, letting the cook of the meats speak for themselves. A very underrated restaurant, the menu does a range of dishes perfect for dining in, but also delivery, such as their Nasi Lemak Sedap Gila Babi, a roast pork nasi lemak.

16, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur
+6011 1603 3558
Opening Hours:
Wednesdays to Mondays, 11.00 am to 10.00 pm
Closed Tuesdays.


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