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Junior “The Pocket Bar”: Thematic Cocktail Bar

If you’ve never heard about Junior The Pocket Bar, you really should. The little 8-seater bar located in Tanjung Pagar, Singapore is one of the most unique of its kind. Not only do they essentially change their concept every 6 months, the pocket-sized bar is unique down to its minute detail, from its previous feature Pacifica, a 1920’s tiki theme, to the Petit Chalet, a 1970’s showcase.

Peter Chua | Junior The Pocket Bar | Food For Thought

Junior is headed by Peter Chua, a member of the opening team at 28 HongKong Street, and is also known for his speed, hospitality, and media-ready smile. Before Junior, Peter spent time as a Spirits Journeyman at Proof & Company Spirits, where he worked on menu and concept development, spirits curation, staff training and education for venues all over Asia. When asked what the concept of Junior is is, Chua stated: –

The team behind 28 HongKong Street and Proof & Company introduces Junior, a pocket bar. Junior’s concepts reflect the creative spirit and personality of The Proof Collective, and serve as a platform to showcase a diversity of curated artisanal spirits and delicious food through an intimate, authentic experience. As an art gallery would change exhibitions, Junior will rotate and present two original concepts each year. With only ten seats in a private space, Junior will focus on one core topic every six months. Junior’s concepts will take guests through a high-touch, ultra-personalized experience, where they will have an opportunity to explore hard-to-find spirits, drink carefully crafted cocktails and enjoy food that matches the concept. Guests have the opportunity to interact closely with the Junior team and fellow guests in a cosy setting.” — Peter Chua, Head Bartender of Junior “The Pocket Bar”.

Pacifica | Junior The Pocket Bar | Food For Thought

Theme: Pacifica

Pacifica is a concept paying homage to the tiki traditions which throws back to the 1920s and 1930s. The interior is decked out in beautiful tiki colours of yellow and Polynesian motifs. Guests can access Junior through a direct entrance in the alley behind 43 Tanjong Pagar Road, on Cook Street. Centered around the bar, the room is lined with comfortable leather-clad high chairs.

Zombie | Junior The Pocket Bar | Food For Thought


Aged Demerara, Rich Venezuela, & Overproof Rums

Zombie is one of the most popular tiki classics, which is known easily as one of the strongest cocktails out there. The aroma of the overproof rum is instantly recognisable and you can see why it’s one of their signatures.

Return of Jiang Shi | Junior The Pocket Bar | Food For Thought

Return of the Jiangshi

Black mushroom-infused Rye Whiskey, beetroot, five spice, smoky mezcal, lemon and passionfruit

A curated concoction, the Return of the Jiangshi is not only flavourful with Asian flavours, with a grand combination to invoke smoke through the mezcal, but also umami from the mushroom rye whiskey. The most interesting aspect of this cocktail was probably the presentation, in which a ling fu, a Chinese talisman with written wards on it, it lighted up before serving.

Mai Tai | Junior The Pocket Bar | Food For Thought

Mai Tai

Heavy Jamaica, Fresh Agricole and Aged Demerara Rums

The mai tai is one of the most common tiki classics, but a good one is quite rare to find. The one served at Junior was simple, but good. Decent overall.

Petite Chalet | Junior The Pocket Bar | Food For Thought

Previous Theme: Petite Chalet

The current incarnation of Junior is showcasing the Petit Chalet, a ski-lodge inspired bar featuring 1970’s cocktails. The bar is designed in an Alpine theme, with skis and boots to match. The cocktail programme has also catered to the theme, so do check it out before time runs out. 6 months is all you’ve got. Also, the bar is a first come first serve basis with no bookings so best go on weekdays.

Rolling Prosperity | Junior The Pocket Bar | Food For Thought

Current Theme: House of Dancing Lion

The current incarnation of Junior is a Chinese New Year pop-up with a range of concoctions themed appropriately using Chinese flavours. As the themes are so quick changing, you should hurry down to catch this theme before it ends on the 22nd February.

Junior “The Pocket Bar”
43 Tanjung Pagar Road,
Singapore 088464
+65 8121 1462
Opening Hours:
Mondays to Saturdays, 11.00 am to 1.00 am
Closed on Sundays


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