Understanding Kaiseki And Kappo With Jeff Ramsey of Kinstugi

Chef Jeff Okada Ramsey | Jeff Ramsey of Kinstugi | Food For Thought

With the opening of the Kinstugi in Kuala Lumpur, the brand that celebrity chef Jeff Ramsey is know for in Bangkok, our city is beginning to see a rise in the demand of this intricate cuisine. While many attempt to deliver on this experience, few can do it to such a level as Jeff Ramsey. We speak to him to find out about this defining cuisine, which fully focuses on seasonality. Continue reading

Porridge And It’s Many Faces

Porridge And It’s Many Faces | Food For Thought

There’s nothing that can ignite feelings of nostalgia like a good comforting meal. Comfort food will bring you solace whenever you eat it and is almost like receiving a hug from a loved one. Everyone’s ideal comfort food can vary depending on their culture, climate, and preferences. For one, it could be thunder tea rice (leicha) from the hawker they grew up eating, and for another, it could be their grandmother’s lasagne. Comfort food is anything you want it to be. At the very core, it’s the feeling of home that it brings to the person who consumes it. In this article, we will be exploring some of the different kinds of porridge that can found around the world. Continue reading

Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023: Le Du First Thai Cuisine To Top The List

Asia's 50 Best Restaurants 2023 No.1 shot

As the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants celebrates its 10th year anniversary, it is the first time in its history a Thai cuisine restaurant makes the list, Le Du. This is a year of reconnection as people in industry were able to gather at a live event at this magnitude since pre-pandemic times. This year also sees a phenomenal win by Japan with 17 restaurants in the top 100, followed by Thailand and Singapore, both with 15 each. We breakdown the numbers and share our thoughts on this year’s list. Continue reading