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One of the biggest challenges about packing a lunch is that the food doesn’t keep hot long enough, and the biggest challenge with having a drink on the go is that it doesn’t keep cold long enough… enter Tyffyn and Drynk. These luxury lunchboxes are state of the art containers brought to you by Vaya Life, a company founded by ex-Apple director Vashist Vasanthakumar. They are designed to give you the best experience in stylish and sleek designs while keeping your food and drink at the temperature you want.


Vaya was founded by ex-Apple director Vashist Vasanthakumar, and you can immediately tell the company’s approach to doing things. The Tyffyn by Vaya is their first patented technology with world-precision engineering to ensure the end product meets an exceptional high quality.

“While the world around us has changed, the humble lunchbox, which most of us have grown up with, has not seen any significant changes in it. The lunchbox continues to be drab, boring, leaking and with inadequate heat retention. The idea was to make lunchboxes aspirational. Hence, the extensive technology and urbane design behind Vaya.” — Vashist Vasanthakumar, CEO of Vaya.

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VacuTherm™ Technology

The art behind it is a VacuTherm™ Technology, trapping heat or cold inside the lunchbox’s vacuum-insulated, double-walled stainless steel shell. The insulation ensures that food is kept warm for at least six hours. One has the option to choose their containers either copper-finished or polished stainless steel. These are compliant with the most current European standards, which are RoHS (The Restriction of Harzadous Substances Directive) and SVHC (A Substance of Very High Concern).


Tyffyn is a modern and sleek designed tiffin carrier that not only has many compartments, but also the ability to keep your food hot for up to 6 hours. The tiffin carrier is heavily double coated which utilises the patented VacuTherm Insulation technology, ensuring that food will keep hot or cold up to 6 hours. The leak resistant lids with integrated gasket also makes it easy to clean. The tiffin carrier also has partitions to easily divide dishes within the container. The copper-coated stainless-steel container also ensures that it’s easy to clean.

“We found just by sealing it from the top, we are able to save precious heat. Apart from temperature control, the containers additionally keeps food crisp and precisely as packed to be enjoyed hours later. Cut-up fruits and salads, such as cubes of watermelon for example, stays cold and juicy for up to 6 hours.”

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Drynk is the drink container that not only has a sleek design, but also uses the same technology. With its long design, it actually manages to keep liquids hot up from 12 hours and cold up to 18 hours. The BPA-free container also comes with a magnetic lid, is easy to clean and has an ergonomic design for easy grip.

“Complementing Tyffyn; Vaya Drynk, a patented tumbler is crafted using the same technology. Retaining hot coffee or any other beverages for 12 hours or cold smoothies for up to 18 hours, these tumblers are a perfect accompaniment for just about anyone.”


Preserve are the range of storage jars that double as on the go carriers. The Preserve jars use the same VacuTherm™ Technology to ensure that heat is retained and is also spill-proof, ensuring your food is kept in good condition. This is perfect to use for takeaways from hawker stalls or restaurants and for those looking to not use plastic when taking away food.

Lunchboxes for Kyds

For those looking for a tiffin carrier that is perfect for your office prep meals or your kids’ lunchbox, the Tyffyn is perfect. It also comes in a variety of designs perfect for adults and kids, ranging from sleek cooper tones to attractive designs for kids. The kids range have a selection from cartoon and comic designs like football to dinosaurs to unicorns, ensuring your kids will have an interactive time.


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