Muntri Grove Hotel 滿德禮園

Entrance | Muntri Grove | Food For Thought

Nestled on the corner of Muntri Street sits the perfect respite for a romantic getaway, the lush and gorgeous Muntri Grove Hotel. This boutique hotel is located near to the UNESCO World Heritage site of George Town Penang, and offers a peaceful, pristine and away from the bustle, yet, everything interesting is within walking distance. The building is constructed with 10 refurbished living quarters into beautiful rooms perfect for that little dreamy time to pamper yourself.

Inner Courtyard | Muntri Grove | Food For Thought

Muntri Grove is situated at the start of Muntri Street, which was named after Ngah Ibrahim, the Menteri of Larut. Muntri is the old pronunciation of Menteri, which means minister or official, and has its language cognates with the word Mandarin as well. The moment you turn into the street, you are signalled with the cardinal red of a bird motif much like a Chinese paper cutting. The large iron gates open up with a side iron gate into the lobby of the hotel. The long-arched walkway stretches into the distance with the side garden lined with rattan pods where two can bask in the shade.

Inner Courtyard Garden Oasis | Muntri Grove | Food For Thought

Founder and Owner Christopher Ong brought this vision to life in 2013 when he found these dilapidated buildings that use to house the workers of the Hakka millionaires. Each of the 10 houses is converted into a room fitting for two, both on the lower and upper levels. The only different building is the one at the end, which was destroyed during World War II but has been perfectly filled with a swimming pool and breakfast patio. As he says: –

“Muntri Grove was one of our earlier projects. We refurbished this place before Muntri Street went through a revival as part of the greater George Town UNESCO heritage site. The hotel is situated at the end and delivers a unique experience. It is secluded off from the bustle of the main street, and is perfect as a romantic and private escape. These quarters which were rejuvenated have very spacious rooms and also comes with a swimming pool.” — Christopher Ong, Owner of Muntri Grove Hotel.

Muntri Grove Rooms | Muntri Grove | Food For Thought

Muntri Grove Rooms 滿德禮園房間

There is only one type of room at Muntri Grove, which are Deluxe King Rooms. All the rooms at Muntri Grove are catered to couples who want that little romantic experience all within the greater area of the George Town heritage site, but with that peace and quiet. The rooms are specifically

Deluxe King Room | Muntri Grove | Food For Thought

Deluxe King Room

The Mews Standard Room fits 2, consists of a 40-square metre room, furnished with 2 connected a fou-posted king size bed, a spacious sitting area with a daybed, and a separate shower and bathroom.

Bedroom | Deluxe King Room | Muntri Grove | Food For Thought

Review: Deluxe King Room

The Deluxe King Room opens up to nice wooden doors into an airy and bright room, and this is due to both of the opposite walls filled with floor to ceiling windows which opens to the backyard, another garden.

Dresser | Deluxe King Room | Muntri Grove | Food For Thought

The king sized bed is mounted with four posts and draped with mosquito netting for that romantic feel, and is bright and airy from the floor to ceiling windows.

Day Bed | Deluxe King Room | Muntri Grove | Food For Thought

The rooms are very Balinese inspired, with wood and teak motifs throughout the room, yet with enough contemporary amenities. The sitting area is perfect for lounging in the room while watching TV, while the open mirror closet provides all the closet space you need.

Bathroom | Deluxe King Room | Muntri Grove | Food For Thought

The separate bathroom and shower is spacious and leaves enough room to perform and beautification ritual you may have.

Swimming Pool | Muntri Grove | Food For Thought

Swimming Pool

One of the best aspects of this hotel would be the very private swimming pool on the second floor. It opens up with peacock motifs on one end, while you can easily peek over the walls to the streets below. The best part about this pool is the feeling of privacy, and on most days, feels like a you have your own private pool.

Breakfast Patio | Muntri Grove | Food For Thought

Breakfast Patio

The breakfast area serves a simple breakfast for patrons in a cosy and intimate setting, where one can have a dip in the pool before or after your morning meal. If you are however, craving for something a little more substantive for lunch, you can head on over to Mew’s Café, which is a 2-minute walk, or the famous Kebaya Restaurant which is a 10-minute walk away.

Garden Oasis | Muntri Grove | Food For Thought

Garden Oasis

The rooms all face the front oasis, featuring lush greenery with large rattan pods which with lanterns hung above to bring that feeling of serene and calm, all outside the step of your front door.

Tropical Garden | Muntri Grove | Food For Thought

Tropical Garden

The back row of the floor to ceiling glass panelled rooms are lined with a row of tropical trees which lets the natural light and greenery shine into the room.

Pods | Muntri Grove | Food For Thought

The Muntri Grove Hotel Experience

Although a sister hotel to Muntri Mews which offers a rustic family and friend-centric experience, Muntri Grove offers one more suited for the romantic escape, all within the heart of Penang itself. The best aspect about Muntri Grove is that everything is within walking distance to some famous Penang landmarks like the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion and the Goddess of Mercy Temple.

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Muntri Grove Hotel
127 , 129, 131A – F,
Lebuh Muntri,
10200 George Town,
+604 264 2626



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    • Hi Win,
      It is not too expensive. I would say rooms average out at about RM400?

    • Hi Ameena,
      Yes, it is quite romantic I would say. Nice spacious and private rooms.

    • Hi Kavita,
      Thanks! I was in Penang 2 weeks ago and did a number of reviews. Such a nice and historically rich place.

  1. Hey Nick!! This is so beautiful. Another nice review. Do you live in Penang now?

  2. I haven’t been to Malaysia in a long time but this looks just spectacular. You’re making me feel FOMO!!

    • Hi Haruki,
      Thank you for your kind words. You should visit Malaysia sometime. 🙂

  3. Hey!! This looks amazing Nick! Nice website and write ups! Keep us the reviews. See you soon xx

  4. Those pods look so awesome. I think my wife will enjoy this place. Maybe for a special occasion. 😛

    • Hi Walter,
      Yes, those pods were one of my favourite aspect of the hotel. But overall, its a very private and romantic hotel. Perfect for personal time. 🙂

  5. I’ve always heard about this place but never go. It looks so expensive lah.

    • Hi Ee Wern,
      It isn’t too bad, about RM400? Nice for a weekend getaway though.

  6. Hi there! What a wonderful review! We really like your style of writing. Do you do freelancing? Would love to work together.

  7. These rooms looks perfect for a summer holiday. Is there a good time to visit Penang in?

    • Hi Francoise,
      I would say Malaysia is perfect all year round with rain not being the biggest problem. I would say the start of the year is a little dryer, around the Chinese New Year, but even then, Malaysian rain is heavy and hard, but quick. So intermittent raining is normal, but it doesn’t last long.

    • Hi Reina,
      It’s quite impressive indeed. I would say visit when you can. 🙂

  8. I would book this hotel if I could afford it. It must be expensive. Haiz.

    • Hi Sarah,
      Rooms are about RM400, so I would say it would be ok for a special occasion. 🙂

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