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Entier French Dining: Modern French Fine Dining

Located on the 41st floor of the Alila Hotel in Bangsar sits the modern French fine dining restaurant Entier French Dining. The eatery takes its name from old French which mean “entire”, giving you a hint of their nose to tail dining concept. The restaurant doesn’t only focus on ensuring that all parts of the animal is used, but is also knows for its very beautiful plates. From their signature Monaka to their beautiful Organic Garden, you can see why its time to give this place a visit.

Chef Masashi Horiuchi | Entier | Food For Thought

Entier is helmed by Japanese-born chef Masashi Horiuchi who spent over 20 years in Europe training in traditional French cuisine, including helming two Michelin-starred L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in London. Entier features seasonal produce and ingredients, and although lunch menu comes in three courses, the dinner menu is meant to be for sharing. Entier also has a beautiful interior with a great view overlooking the city in the distance.

“Nose-to-tail dining is a guiding concept for Entier’s menu as it allows us to focus on and feature a variety of ingredients that comes from all parts of the whole plant or animal produce, and also characterise our signatures, produce served as a whole, i.e., whole poultry, whole seafood, whole vegetable, a large cut of beef or lamb. This concept ties in with our restaurant’s name, Entier, which means ‘whole’ or ‘entire’ in French. It’s a celebration of the produce we work with and enjoy on the dining table. We serve French cuisine, essentially die-hard French in techniques, excellent produce with a focus on quality local ingredients where applicable from near or far, with a touch of Chef Masashi’s personal flair developed from my 2 decades of culinary training.” — Masashi Horiuchi, Executive Chef of Entier.

Lunch Menu | Entier | Food For Thought

Entier Menu

Entier provides a range of different menus with variety of different menus, with special items that appear throughout ensuring that each time you visit delivers a different experience. The lunch menu comes highly recommend for the 2 course at RM58.00 and the three course at RM80.00. The main menus are as follows: –

Bread | Entier | Food For Thought


Sourdough with kombu butter
The bread was fluffy and went well with the umami laden kombu butter.

Monaka | Entier | Food For Thought


Foie gras, fig, roselle jelly, pistachio, hazelnut, walnut and fig jam
The first amuse and one of their signatures was the monaka, a traditional Japanese wagashi made from a mochi shell filled with a creamy filling of foie gras mousse, and beautiful gold leaf adding a layer of luxury.

Tomato | Entier | Food For Thought


Cameron highland tomatoes, stracciatella cheese and basil sorbet
The first course, a starter, was the extremely flavourful heirloom tomatoes, which was beautifully plated. The basil sorbet added a nice temperature mix, while the stracciatella added a nice gentle umami punch. One of the best starter courses, a must try.

Organic Garden | Entier | Food For Thought

Organic Garden

Oven-roasted beetroot, salad, pickled highland vegetables, vinaigrette and sour cream
The second course, a starter, was the organic garden. This beautiful plate is perfect for beetroot fans with its fancy colours, which is also perfect for vegans.

Cauliflower | Entier | Food For Thought


Roasted cauliflower soup, Spanish Cecina beef ham and crouton
The third course, a starter, was the cauliflower soup. The Cecina ham was as beautifully flavourful with an almost nutty umami, with the roasted cauliflower added a nice texture to the creamy soup.

Clam | Entier | Food For Thought


Hand-made semolina pasta, white clam, beef chorizo and semi-dried tomato
The fourth course, a main, was a clam pasta. The dish is quite sizeable, and is great for a large eater. Entier definitely does not shy on portions and this dish is one exemplifying this.

Ox | Entier | Food For Thought


Ox tail risotto, ox cheek, crispy honeycomb tripe and egg yolk confit
The fifth course, a main, was an ox tail risotto. This was one of the most flavourful dishes on the menu, with the crispy honey comb tripe adding a nice crispy and chewy texture. The flavour of the ox tail risotto tied all the flavours and textures nicely together with its sweet burst of umami. This dish comes highly recommended.

Chicken | Entier | Food For Thought


Roast spring chicken, sweet corn and Sarawak black pepper sauce
The sixth course, a main, was the roast chicken. Although looking quite simple, this dish actually had a decent flavour to it. An easy pick if you’re looking for a protein.

Crepe | Entier | Food For Thought


Coconut, banana and jack fruit
The seventh course, a dessert, was a crepe. Simple and sweet with nice tropical flavours.

Black Forest | Entier | Food For Thought

Black Forest

70% single-origin Pahang chocolate oat crumble, dark cherry and strawberry
The eighth course, a dessert, was a black forest cake, perfect for light eaters of dessert.

Dark Chocolate | Entier | Food For Thought

Dark Chocolate

Soufflé and 70% single-origin Pahang chocolate
The ninth course, a dessert, was a dark chocolate soufflé, which has quite the rich flavour and is suitable for those who want a heavier end to their meal.

Chocolate Macarons | Entier | Food For Thought

Chocolate Macarons

Chocolate ganache macarons with cacao nibs

Food Menu | Entier | Food For Thought

The Entier Experience

Entier has been around for a while, and is understandable why this place comes highly recommended. With its amazing view and beautiful plates to match, Entier is one that will deliver a decent experience for intimate dinners or groups of friends.

“Entier sets out to deliver a memorable experience, where an incredibly high quality comes through in our choice of produce, beverage, food plating, ambiance and concept. Chef Masashi is highly trained in fine dining for over two decades in Europe at various Michelin star-studded restaurants, therefore his understanding of ingredients, flavours, and techniques are highly sharpened in the highly-demanding and perfection-seeking industry. We wanted his precision, techniques, finesse and experience to come through in the dishes. We did not want to create a fine dining restaurant, we were looking for a game-changing concept here in Kuala Lumpur, a restaurant that sets us apart from the rest, something a little more approachable and less stifling, but fully presenting the finesse and craft of Chef Masashi’s via remarkable food with exceptional plating, and we felt that appeals to more people.” — Tay Hui Ying, Director of Marketing of Platform Hospitality Group.

For a modern French restaurant with a beautiful view, look no further.

Level 41, Alila Bangsar,
58, Jalan Ang Seng,
50470 Kuala Lumpur
+603 2268 3819
Opening Hours:
Mondays, 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm
Tuesdays to Thursdays and Sundays, 12.00 pm to 11.00 pm
Fridays and Saturdays, 12.00 pm to 12.00 am


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  1. I had dinner at your restaurant lately. I found that your your sourdough was most fluffy and exquisite. Love it so very much!! I wonder if I can order them online for deliver please?
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