SGCF Academy Presents Raise The Bar

Raise The Bar | SGCF 2022 | Food For Thought

In conjunction with the Singapore Cocktail Festival 2022, an upcoming series of virtual discussion panel themed “Raise The Bar”. The SGCF celebrates its 7th year last year saw 36 participating bars, which was also in a cross-continent collaboration with London Cocktail Week. This panel of discussion brings together some of Asia’s best including speakers from Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and Philippines. We also speak to Wai Mayleng, Co-Founder of the SGCF. Continue reading

To Eat Or Not To Eat: Food Trends For 2022

Food Trends | Food Trends 2022 | Food For Thought

Sustainability. Wagyu. Small Plates. If these are some buzzwords that you have repeatedly heard in 2021 then you are no stranger to food trends. As per our biannual forecast, we analyse what has been happening with global gastronomy and make some predictions on what is taking the food world by storm. From the elevation of middle eastern fine dining to the appearance of carte blanche menus, let’s see what’s on the plate. Continue reading