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When it comes to wines, there has always been a great divide between new world and old world wines. Australian wines are considered new world wines, but have left critics indecisive as they begin to mature in quality and sophistication. Wolf Blass with its established history in Australian winemaking celebrates its founder Wolfgang Blass’ 80th birthday with the appropriately titled cabernet shiraz, The Master.

Wolf Blass was established in the Barossa Valley in 1966 and has grown from a humble tin shed to become one of the world’s most successful and awarded wine brands. A recipient of more than 3,000 medals and trophies at national and international wine shows, the essence of Wolf Blass wines is exemplified through the passion of its custodians past and present as they continuously strive to produce wines of quality, character and consistency.

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Although Wolf Blass wines have been imported into Malaysia being under the stewardship of Treasury Wine Estates and distributed by Luen Heng, the Master has yet to see commercial availability until now. Leading winemaker and wine show judge Chris Hatcher introduces us to the wide range of wines that Wolf Blass are bringing to Malaysia, and in particular, The Master. As Chis Hatcher said: –

“Wolf Blass has been one of the pioneers of winemaking in Australia, and it can be seen with Wolfgang’s German heritage. In Australia, we have varied weather, therefore enabling us to plant the right kind of grapes.” — Chris Hatcher, Winemaker of Wolf Blass Wines.

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The Wolf Blass Wine Tasting Session

The tasting session consisted of 6 wines, Wolf Blass Black Cassis Cabernet Sauvignon 2015, Wolf Blass Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz Malbec 2006, Wolf Blass Gold Label Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2015, Wolf Blass Grey Label Shiraz 2014, The Master Cabernet Shiraz Pasquin Vineyard 2012 and the Wolf Blass Yellow Label Riesling 2015.

Wolf Blass Black Cassis Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 | Food For Thought

Wolf Blass Black Cassis Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

This deep red cabernet has been described as chalky and having a black cassis nose with notes of mulberry leaf, eucalyptus and mint. The cabernet had a mild eucalyptus scent, with round and soft tannins, with a long and smooth finish. Because of its complexity, this dish works well with lamb.

Wolf Blass Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz Malbec 2006 | Food For Thought

Wolf Blass Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz Malbec 2006

The black label cabernet shiraz Malbec has complex aromas of blackcurrant, coffee beans and chocolate, with a richness on the palate with hints of dark berries and tobacco. We found this wine to be have a vibrant colour, with mixed scents. As you swirl your glass, you get a different colouration and scent each time. This wine had a plush round and soft tannins.

Wolf Blass Gold Label Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2015 | Food For Thought

Wolf Blass Gold Label Adelaide Hills Chardonnay 2015

The medium bodied chardonnay is described as having hints of white peach, stone fruits, melon and an oaky complexity, with a balanced and long finish. We found this chardonnay to have a mellow green hue, smooth and complex, with a subtle white peach flavour and a creamy mouthfeel.

Wolf Blass Grey Label Shiraz 2014 | Food For Thought

Wolf Blass Grey Label Shiraz 2014

The shiraz is described to have notes of black fruits, liquorice, warm spice and oaky, with a chocolate creamy plush tannin finish. A wine showcasing the classic McLaren Vale character and the Wolf Blass expression of power and elegance. We found that the shiraz had dark berry notes, with fragrance of black berries and currants, without the sweetness, slightly spicy and rich on the palate.

The Master Cabernet Shiraz Pasquin Vineyard 2012 | Food For Thought

The Master Cabernet Shiraz Pasquin Vineyard 2012

The Master has been described as having a complex later of berry fruits, warm spice and mineral notes, with a medium to full bodies depth of flavour, yet light with an oaky presence and a long and fine finish. We found this cabernet and shiraz blend to be sophisticated on the palate, with nice fruity notes and was great on the palate. This refined blend does speak to Wolf Blass as a brand.

Wolf Blass Yellow Label Riesling 2015 | Food For Thought

Wolf Blass Yellow Label Riesling 2015

The Riesling is described to be fruity and floral, with citrus notes on the palate and fine acidity. We found the Riesling to be dry on the palate, with hints of peach and jasmine with a citrusy disposition.

The Wolf Blass Wines Experience

Australia has had a long history of winemaking, with such a diverse climate ensuring that there is something for everybody. With Wolf Blass and their wide range for everyone, you are able to have more affordable but high quality wines, as well as those that can cost a bit more. What is interesting is their creamy chardonnay, which is atypical compared to old world wines.

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Nicholas Ng is a restaurant critic and drinks writer and is the editor of independent publication Food For Thought. He has been a freelance journalist for the 15 years and has previously worked as a lawyer and in digital marketing. He currently is the Principal Consultant of A Thought Full Consultancy, a food and beverage marketing consultancy.


    • Hi Danny,
      Yes I did! They’re quite a famous Australian wine. I’m sure you can find it in the UK.

  1. Wolf Blass! I used to have that in Melbourne all the time where it was cheap. It’s a bit expensive over here though. They do a decent chardonnay. Not tried the Master.

    • Hi Patricia,
      I don’t think its that much more expensive here, decent wines for decent prices I would say. The Master was my favourite though.

    • Hi Ariff,
      I have never had that much of it to be honest. I am more of an old world wine person, but I’m always open. I’m quite a fan of Australian chardonnay though. It’s quite different.

    • Hi Lewis,
      Well, I enjoy alcohol in all its forms. Been dipping my foot into that pool a little bit more lately.

    • Hi Samuel,
      I didn’t give it much attention until lately. They have a decent range. My favourites were the Master and the Chardonnay.

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