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Food For Thought specialises in Thai Cuisine, with a range of different types of Thai regional cuisine. Thai food is known for its bold and refreshing flavours, with the use of many spices and ingredients depending on locality. Some famous Thai dishes include Tom Yum, Pad Thai and Green Curry. Here, we list a range of Thai restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, with many restaurants utilising Thai ingredients to bring out your appetite.


Thai Cuisine is defined as cuisine which has its origins in Thailand, with mainly 4 regions, including Central Thai Cuisine, Lanna Cuisine (Northern Thai Cuisine), Isan Cuisine (North-Eastern Thai Cuisine) and Southern Thai Cuisine. Central Thai Cuisine is heavily influenced by the Chinese immigrant diaspora, which birthed dishes such as the Pad Thai and Khao Kha Moo. Lanna Cuisine is influenced by the northern culture bothering South China with its bold flavours such as the Khao Soi, a crispy mild curry noodle. Isan Cuisine is influenced by Lao Cuisine with its spicy flavours such as the Larb, while Southern Thai Cuisine is influenced by Malay cuisine birthing the Masaman Curry.


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Meat & Sea

Meat & Sea: Authentic Homestyle Thai Cuisine

At a simple glance, one might get slightly confused with this little eatery that is simply known as Meat & Sea. The restaurant that takes its name from the wordplay on the surf and turf, but actually focuses on traditional homestyle Thai cooking, the kind that you would find in actual Thai homes. Continue reading →
Bangkok Street Food | Ultimate Food Guide | Food For Thought

Food Guide: Bangkok Street Food

Thailand is renown throughout the world for its unique cuisine which needs no introduction. From the simple pad thai to the flaming tom yum goong, Thai cuisine has spread throughout the world. Thai cuisine can be generally divided into 4 regional cuisines, Lanna cuisine to the north, Isan cuisine to the northeast, southern Thai cuisine which is heavily influenced by Malay cooking and Central Thai cuisine which borrows from Chinese food, where Bangkok cuisine is an amalgamation of some of the best Thailand has to offer. Continue reading →
Chiang Mai Street Food | A Food Guide | Food For Thought

Food Guide: Chiang Mai Street Food

Chiang Mai is home to the ancient kingdom of Lanna, and is situated in Northern Thailand. With its very distinct culture, comfortable climate, unbelievably mountainous scenery and exotic food, you can see why it is known as the Rose of the North. The food in Chiang Mai is known as Lanna Cuisine, a type of food which is very distinctively different from the rest of Thailand. Because of its bordering of Myanmar and China, you see a very distinctive food culture which borrows from its northern neighbours and how all these amalgamate and produce what we know as Lanna cuisine. Continue reading →
Pad Thai Result | Cooking Class | 137 Pillars House | Food For Thought

Cooking Class: 137 Pillars House, Chiang Mai

People today seek uncommon experiences when they travel, and what better way to explore a foreign culture by learning their food. Thai cuisine has become internationally recognised as one of the best cuisines, and what better way than to immerse yourself in the Thai culinary world. 137 Pillars House Chiang Mai is one such boutique hotels that offer this experience as part of their offerings, simply named The Kitchen. This however, is not just a cooking class where you are simply taught a dish, but actually take you to a local market where you explore yourself. Continue reading →
Grilled River Lobster| Ekkamai | Food For Thought

Ekkamai Bar & Thai Kitchen

Situated on the newly gentrified street of Jalan Batai is a series of restaurants and bars, and out of the many niche and chic eateries here lies one that stands out because of its choice of cuisine served, modern Thai, simply named Ekkamai. This restaurant specialises in two distinctive Thai regional cuisines, Southern Thai cuisine and Central Thai cuisine, all in the setting with a contemporary twist. Continue reading →
Travel Guide- Chiang mai Title Card

Travel Guide: Things To Do In Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai (เชียงใหม่), also styled Chiangmai, is proverbially known as the spiritual capital of Thailand, with its calming pace of life and mountainous atmosphere. When compared to its other gems such as Bangkok or one of their many beautiful islands such as Phuket or Koh Phangan, Chiang Mai serves to deliver an entirely different experience. Not as famous to foreigners as a holiday destination, Chiang Mai is known to locals as a must visit for its pristine clean air and local vacation spot. Poetically known the rose of the north, Chiang Mai falls under the northern region of Thailand, and home seat to the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Lanna, famed for its distinctive Lanna culture and home to Lanna Cuisine. Here, we shall explore some things to do in Chiang Mai for first time visitors. Continue reading →
Prawn in Tamarind Sauce | Tamarind Springs | Food For Thought

Tamarind Springs

Located on a secluded hill in Ampang in the greenery of the forest is a temple like surrounding, with a façade that is unmistakeably Thai sits Tamarind Springs Restaurant, an Indochinese restaurant in the middle of paradise. Not only is the surrounding marvellous for its serene setting, the intercultural Indochinese cuisine from Thai, Cambodian, Laos and Vietnamese cuisine gives it that South East Asian touch that is a breath of fresh air. Continue reading →
Tamarind Hill Exterior - Tamarind Hill - Food For Thought

Tamarind Hill

As you take a walk up the layered concrete steps laden with bamboo guiding your path and Chinese lanterns over your head, you are overwhelmed with a sense of serenity. You walk continuously towards the top reaching the entrance whilst being greeted with wooden awnings and a pond. This is Tamarind Hill, one of the most exquisite Thai and Burmese cuisine restaurants you will find in Kuala Lumpur. Continue reading →
7 Terraces Entrance - Kebaya House - Food For Thought

Kebaya Dining Room by Seven Terraces

While strolling down Stewart Lane, you come across the façade of the beautifully restored Anglo-Chinese Seven Terrace boutique hotel, located in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage site. The dining area houses the Kebaya Dining Room, serving some of the best Indochinese and Peranakan fare you can find in Penang, from classics like the wing bean kerabu to the fusion joo hoo char roll, offering an experience which will leave you wanting more. Continue reading →
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