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Food For Thought specialises in Thai Cuisine, with a range of different types of Thai regional cuisine. Thai food is known for its bold and refreshing flavours, with the use of many spices and ingredients depending on locality. Some famous Thai dishes include Tom Yum, Pad Thai and Green Curry. Here, we list a range of Thai restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, with many restaurants utilising Thai ingredients to bring out your appetite.


Thai Cuisine is defined as cuisine which has its origins in Thailand, with mainly 4 regions, including Central Thai Cuisine, Lanna Cuisine (Northern Thai Cuisine), Isan Cuisine (North-Eastern Thai Cuisine) and Southern Thai Cuisine. Central Thai Cuisine is heavily influenced by the Chinese immigrant diaspora, which birthed dishes such as the Pad Thai and Khao Kha Moo. Lanna Cuisine is influenced by the northern culture bothering South China with its bold flavours such as the Khao Soi, a crispy mild curry noodle. Isan Cuisine is influenced by Lao Cuisine with its spicy flavours such as the Larb, while Southern Thai Cuisine is influenced by Malay cuisine birthing the Masaman Curry.


Central Thai CuisineLanna Cuisine | Isan Cuisine | Southern Thai Cuisine


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