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At Food For Thought we believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion and believe that everyone deserves a forum to have their voice heard. In addition to our Thought articles which are written by our writers, we also publish Opinions Editorials of people who want to share an insight or interesting story. Do Contact us to become one of our Writers or as an independent Contributor.

“Opinion is the medium between knowledge and ignorance.”
― Plato

For The Love Of Fish | Sashimi | Food For Thought

Fish Love

We’ve been there before. The kind of love that is picturesque and possibly all too easy. Two troubled hearts find solace in one another, as the plot goes. The relationship will escalate, intensify, and eventually combust from the strain of disillusioned feelings. Continue reading →
Food For Thought - Angus Sully - Disinterested Musings

Disinterested Musings: The Joy Of Time Spent Alone

It’s Saturday morning and the first light beams through a crack in the curtain. Rising is slow and a hot drink is prepared. Pressures are few and no plans have been made. The first sip of tea soothes a parched throat and the eyes wander to watch the outside world turn. Continue reading →
Food For Thought - Cara Confucian - Alone

Alone: The Most Terrifying Word In The English Language

That throbbing headache, that sleepless night, that please I beg you god be alright already. Alone. From the long list of insecurities playing through ones head to the intense fearfulness that creeps under that so assumed formidable, thick skin. Alone. Very often voiced out but very rarely on the occasion believed or addressed. I think it is not believed because the word ‘alone’, unlike what most dictionaries will tell you, is not a term for a specific occurrence. Instead it is more of a blanket statement for something felt, not thought. And its venom is different for every single one of us, hence the state. Continue reading →
Food For Thought - Angus Sully - Self Understanding

The Importance of Understanding How We Feel

There are different expressions of emotion categorised as pain or pleasure. Our feelings provide guides for the survival of our bodies. Most animals are thought to feel pain and pleasure. We also know from behavioural experiments that pain and pleasure is triggered associatively, like the baby that hears a loud crash when seeing a toy. Repeated experience of this causes the baby to cry when it sees the toy again, despite the absence of the sound that time. Given that emotions play such a significant role in our choices and our perspective on things, how should we untangle bias and potentially harmful conditioning? Continue reading →
Food For Thought - Magic

The Very Illusory Idea of What Is Magical

As a 20-something in today’s day and age, I move around rather frequently. It was all fun at first, with Disney’s Aladdin soundtrack of “A Whole New World” set on replay. But when I realised well, there’s no magic carpet, just 8 hour back to back flights of try hard, below average food and sitting still in a 17.2” by 31” wide seat pitch space, it was pretty disheartening. Continue reading →
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