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Food For Thought specialises in Molecular Gastronomy Cuisine, which is a from of culinary art involving the use of scientific methods to bring out the best in a dish. Molecular Gastronomy also enables chefs to use cooking methods that would otherwise be difficult to produce, for example, by using dry ice to super cool ingredients or by playing with chemical compounds to affect our visual, audio and olfactory sensations. Here, we list a range ofMolecular Gastronomy restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, with many restaurants using these techniques to create out-worldly creations.


Molecular Gastronomy Cuisine is defined as cuisine which has its origins in science, where careful study and the understanding of how meat is cooked. Most Molecular Gastronomy dishes are in essence quite playful and is meant to trick the mind, giving us more in terms of textures, temperatures and sensations. Molecular Gastronomy also use presentation that we may not be used to, giving a surprise to the eater with each bite. Many restaurants to day amalgamate a use of Molecular Gastronomy in their fine dining menus.


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