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Located within a 2 minute walk from KLCC in the heart of Kuala Lumpur sits MariGin, a gin parlour seeking to be like no other. With gin bars becoming more and more in fashion, you can see why this latest venture by the Marini’s Group is able to not only have one of the most prime locations in town, but also an experience that is perfect for a little tipple.

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As you walk into the gin bar, you are greeted by a wide outdoor section, complete large wooden tables and chairs, complete with a pool table, darts and foosball table. The venue quickly opens into a more intimate and luxurious setting with you greeted by the bar.

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MariGin is the brainchild of Modesto Marini, restauranteur of The Marini’s Group which included rooftop bar Marini’s on 57, Marble 8 Steakhouse, M Marini Caffe and now MariGin. The bespoke gin bar carries over 57 types of gin, never straying from their iconic branding. When asked what’s the name and philosophy behind the gin parlour, Marini replied: –

“It’s almost a double entendre, the name MariGin. It takes its name from two meanings, which is Marini’s Gin, but also as a play on words for the word mari-gin, a mixture of local malay where mari means “to come”. It’s an invitation from us to you, to come join us for a gin, hence Mari-gin-lah! We wanted to create a place where people can come and enjoy the juniper berry with its large variety of interpretations. Patrons can not only enjoy creative gin mixtures, they will also be able to craft their own gin cocktail, where we offer staple ingredients to them for the choosing. This is all in addition to the wide selection of gin we carry.” — Modesto Marini, Owner of MariGin and The Marini’s Group.

MariGin Cocktail Menu

MariGin’s cocktail menu consists of 3 main sections, which are Ginfusions, Gin Cocktails and Gin & Tonics. The drinks off the Ginfusion menu are drinks which are infused gin cocktails, with many utilising local flavours for an exotic tropical flavour and twist. As for the Gin Cocktails, these are concoctions made from a variety of mixtures with gin as one of the components, while the Gin & Tonic selection are unique gins served with artisanal imported tonics. Most of the drinks of the menu are clever little gin puns, such as the signature Mari-Gin-Lah, a pandan gin infusion and the Ginny In A Bottle, a chrysanthemum and wolfberry infused gin.

Ripped Gin

The Ripped Gin is a cocktail off the Gin Cocktail menu, consisting of Botanist gin, ginger syrup and edible flowers. This cocktail had a nice punch to it, from the slightly herbal Botanist gin as its base. The ginger syrup also manages to give the drink a spicy kick, with the edible flowers adding some fantastic colour to the drink. Decent and spicy.

Duke Of Gin

The Duke of Gin is a drink off the Gin and Tonic menu, consisting of Monkey 47 Gin, blueberries, grapefruit and Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic. Although a G & T, this drink came off more as a delicious cocktail, with the famous German Monkey 47 with its iconic smoothness and subtle flavour, which was made sweetened by the grapefruit and blueberries with its bittersweet and tangy disposition, making it quite simple yet full of fruity sweetness. This drink is perfect for those looking to have a simple starter cocktail to the night.


The Padrino is a Gin and Tonic, consisting of Nikka Coffey Gin served with coffee beans and East Imperial Tonic. Being one of the only rare non-whiskey alcohol made by Nikka, this gin has a mild coffee flavour, which is really brought out by the coffee beans and calcium rich East Imperial Tonic. This drink is perfect for people who are coffee drinkers, but also suites well to those who like a bold flavoured G & T.

GinJang | MariGin | Food For Thought

The MariGin Experience

With Gin becoming one of the more popular drinks today, you can see why there are more gin bars popping around town. However, most gin bars almost cater to too fancy ideas, mainly as speakeasies. What MariGin has done is that they have made it a place where you can get really good gin drinks, but with the access of a level of relaxation, from playing pool to foosball or darts. You can see why its high time you Mari down to MariGin.

Ground Floor,
One KL,
No 6, Jalan Pinang,
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
50450 Kuala Lumpur
+603 2386 6030
Opening Hours:
Sundays to Thursdays 5.00 pm to 1.30 am;
Fridays and Saturdays 5.00 pm to 3.00 am


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  1. The drinks look awesome! Going to have to try it some time. Have you been to Pahit?

  2. I didn’t know there were so many types of gin, would love to try them 🙂

  3. Haven’t been to this bar before but I will love to try. Sounds like very interesting.

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