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Food For Thought specialises in Malaysian Cuisine, with a range of different types of Malaysian cultural and regional cooking. Malaysia is a melting pot of predominantly three cultures, Malay, Chinese and Indian on the main peninsular, with Borneo having its own distinct cultures including the Kadazan-Dusun of Sabah and Iban of Sarawak. All these cultures have had an intermingling which is seen in its national cuisines. Here, we list a range of Malaysian restaurants in Kuala Lumpur that may pique your interest.


Malaysian Cuisine is defined as cuisine which has its origins in Malaysia, but is heavily influenced by Chinese, Indian and British cuisines. Malaysian cuisine is vast and broad and is the result of its colonial history. There is Malay Cuisine, which is heavily influenced by Indonesian Cuisine; Malaysian Chinese Cuisine, influenced by the Cantonese, Hokkien and Hakka diaspora in Malaysia; Malaysian Indian Cuisine, influenced by the Tamil and Punjabi cultures; Peranakan Cuisine, an amalgamation of Malay and Chinese cooking methods; and Malaysian Colonial Cuisine, which was a melting pot of Malaysia’s British colonial history. All these has birthed some of the most interesting street food in the world.


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