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At Food For Thought we aim to bring you a comprehensive experience, knowing that when we visit a place, we only have a few short days to find and taste what locals take a lifetime of experience. Here, we create all you need to know Food Guides, specialising in street food. We create them with local translations of the names, as we know some hawker stalls may not understand English very well, not to worry, all translations and pronunciations are available. These guides are made to include the following: –

1.) Description of the cuisine.
2.) Name of dish (local name, English pronunciation and English name)
2.) Photographic description of the dish.
3.) Brief description of the dish.
4.) Our opinion on the dish.
5.) Location and opening hours of the stalls.

As a heads up, I would recommend you looking at the addresses which are closer together so you can do your food treasure hunt more efficiently. Hope you have fun food hunting. Do also see our more comprehensive Ultimate Guide: Street Food for a larger and detailed list of the dish.

“We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly.”
— Anna Thomas

Mooncakes 2021 | Food For Thought

The History of Mooncakes and the Mid-Autumn Festival

As the Mid-Autumn Festival looms over us, we take the time to find out about those little delectable morsels known as mooncakes, from its mythical origin of Chang Er to its historical context within the Ming Revolution, we also take a look at some of the offerings this season. Continue reading →
Taiwanese Pineapple Cake | A Tale Of Two Pineapple Pastries - Malaysian vs Taiwanese | Food For Thought

A Tale of Two Pineapple Pastries: Malaysian vs Taiwanese 

In these unprecedented times, the chances of celebrating the Chinese “Niu” Year at home is more likely, but that should not hinder us from grabbing hold of our favourite Chinese New Year cookies, especially the much-loved, cannot-be-missed Pineapple Tart. Today, we will explore the various types, from the Malaysian Pineapple Tarts we know all too well, to the Taiwanese Pineapple Cakes that have an equally deep history. Continue reading →
Yee Sang Tour Genting | Food For Thought

Yee Sang Tour: Genting Highlands

The Chinese New Year is one of the biggest celebrations in Malaysia, and there is no better times to experience the festivities. Genting Highlands is one of the best local destinations, with its cool temperature, newly opened Sky Avenue and assortment of over to 70 restaurants. Yee Sang (yusheng, 魚生), also known as the Prosperity Toss, is integral to the Chinese New Year tradition in Malaysia and Singapore and is one of the most interesting experiences you will find. Here, we will venture to bring you some of the best Yee Sang restaurants in Genting Highland, specialising in all forms and sorts, from lobster, to Norwegian salmon and abalone. Continue reading →
Bangkok Street Food | Ultimate Food Guide | Food For Thought

Food Guide: Bangkok Street Food

Thailand is renown throughout the world for its unique cuisine which needs no introduction. From the simple pad thai to the flaming tom yum goong, Thai cuisine has spread throughout the world. Thai cuisine can be generally divided into 4 regional cuisines, Lanna cuisine to the north, Isan cuisine to the northeast, southern Thai cuisine which is heavily influenced by Malay cooking and Central Thai cuisine which borrows from Chinese food, where Bangkok cuisine is an amalgamation of some of the best Thailand has to offer. Continue reading →
Ipoh Food | Ipoh Street Food | Food For Thought

Ultimate Guide: Ipoh Street Food

Ipoh is home to one of the most picturesque towns in Malaysia, encapsulated by its infamous limestone hills. Located in the state of Perak, Ipoh is famous for its colonial past, as well as its significance in the growth of Malaya. The home to some of the best local fare from the Ipoh Bean Sprout Chicken Rice to the Sar Hor Fun, Ipoh food is known to locals as some of the cleanest and freshest there is. Recently named 6th of Best in Asia by Lonely Planet, the melting pot of Chinese, Malay, Indian and European colonial cultures is apparent in the food that you hear about. From the arty revival of the Kong Heng block to the once famous Concubine Lane, we have a look at what they have to offer. Continue reading →
Chiang Mai Street Food | A Food Guide | Food For Thought

Food Guide: Chiang Mai Street Food

Chiang Mai is home to the ancient kingdom of Lanna, and is situated in Northern Thailand. With its very distinct culture, comfortable climate, unbelievably mountainous scenery and exotic food, you can see why it is known as the Rose of the North. The food in Chiang Mai is known as Lanna Cuisine, a type of food which is very distinctively different from the rest of Thailand. Because of its bordering of Myanmar and China, you see a very distinctive food culture which borrows from its northern neighbours and how all these amalgamate and produce what we know as Lanna cuisine. Continue reading →
Food Guide Morocco Street Food Title Cards

Food Guide: Morocco Street Food

Finding itself located at the crossroads between Europe and Africa, Morocco has developed one of the most sought-after cuisines in the world owing to this immense clash of cultures. Today we’re going to look at ten amazing dishes you’ll want to try out when you’re next travelling around this North African nation. Continue reading →
Street Food Penang | Ultimate Guide | Food For Thought

Ultimate Guide: Penang Street Food

The Pearl of the Orient is definitely filled with many drops of exquisite precious culinary pearls, from the internationally known Asam Laksa, to the Char Kway Teow. The plethora of different street food, and its variations, is splattered all over the island. This UNESCO World Heritage site is home to some of the best tasting quality food you will find in Malaysia, as is a melting pot of Chinese, Indian, Malay, and British influences. We now explore 26 dishes of Penang's best street food, some common, and others generally not found outside the island of Penang. Continue reading →
Food Guide Penang Food Title Card

Food Guide: Street Food in Penang

When it comes to best island experiences in the world, there are few that can compare to that of Penang, the pearl of the Orient. The island boasts a complex and rich history due to its pivotal position during the colonial era. This has resulted in Penang becoming a melting pot of multicultural identities from the Chinese, Malay, Indian and European influences. Not only is Penang an unbelievable food haven, its unique position in history has resulted in George Town being named a UNESCO World Heritage site. Continue reading →
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