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Food For Thought specialises in fine dining, from the wide range of fine dining restaurant cuisines, specialising in French Cuisine to Japanese Cuisine. Here, we list a range of fine dining restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and beyond with some of the best dine dining offerings, from degustation menus to omakase. Do have a gander at our Malaysian Cuisine which includes some of the best Malaysian fine dining you will come across.


Fine Dining is defined as cuisine that has been meticulously prepared and is served course by course. Fine dining may include a series of amuse bouche, followed by appetisers, main courses and a dessert course. A typical fine dining menu would include at least 5 to 10 dishes, with many courses in between and would usually be served with wine pairings. A fine dining dinner would normally take roughly 3 hours and is best experienced by the Degustation menu offered by the chefs. Most good fine dining restaurants would have been awarded a Michelin Star or two by the Michelin Guide honouring them as Michelin Star Chefs.


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