Earth Day 2021: Kuala Lumpur’s Best Bars Come Together For A Tree-Volution

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Malaysian born cocktail bar Bar Trigona who not only ranked at number 44 at the World’s Best Bar 2020, but also came in at number 14 and won Most Sustainable Bar at the Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2020 has created the collaboration we didn’t know we needed in celebration of Earth Day 2021, including local legendary bars Three X Co, Coleys, Junglebird, Nadodi and Frank’s Bar.

1 Good Cause, 6 Spectacular Bars: Bar Trigona, Three X Co, Coleys, Junglebird, Nadodi and Frank’s Bar

This Earth Day special brings together 6 of Kuala Lumpur’s best bars under one roof, with each cocktail available at each of the 6 bars. What this really means is not you not only are able to enjoy 6 different styles of cocktails under one bar, but at each individual bar. Also, with every sale of these bespoke cocktails RM5.00 goes towards the planting of a tree trough Bar Trigona’s Tree-volution programme a collaboration with Chocolate Concierge.

Can you tell us about your Earth Day campaign?

From 19th to 25th April, we are collaborating with 5 local bars in KL and serving 6 cocktails in each outlet including Trigona. RM5 from each cocktail sale goes to the Tree-Volution programme where we plant a tree and helping Chocolate Concierge farm in Pahang to plant fruit and citrus trees.

Why did bar Trigona spearhead this campaign?

Trigona initiated a Tree-Volution program in Nov 2020 with the aim to plant 2000 trees every year in Pahang and help the local farmer in re-foresting. Trigona raises funding for the program by giving RM5 for 4 specific cocktail sales every month. So we decided to create an event where more local bars are involved and working together to raise more money for tree planting. By doing this we can outreach to more people and work together to create a better world. “A Tree Today A Forest Tomorrow”.

How did this collaboration happen?

We all want to do something for nature but lack opportunities and awareness we end up doing nothing. So this kind of program gives a meaning reason to work and play your part towards month nature. Eventually, when we asked all these bars they were so happy to do this event and support a good cause.

Why did you choose these 5 bars and what are the cocktails that will be served?

The location for all these bars helps us to reach all the corners of KL and share about the program. Also have these well-known bars on the menu makes an easy sell. The idea is to serve your best mix and provide a good variety of drinks on the menu, where consumers can choose variance of drinks and enjoy.

Three X Co. | Tree-Volution | Food For Thought

Give Me Awake by Three X Co

Diplomatico Mantuano, Frangelico, Coffee Liqueur, Pei Pa Kao, Lime Juice
“We wanted a cocktail that would wake up your senses to the needs of Mother Earth today. The cocktail is a twist on espresso martini. We play around with different flavors with coffee notes to wake you up.” — David Hans, Three X Co.

Coley Cocktail Bar | Courtesy of Timeout KL | Best Bars in Kuala Lumpur 2019 | Best Bars in KL 2019 | Food For Thought

Rye Lah by Coley

Michter’s Rye, Cumin, Ginger, Pandan, Citric, Acid Cordial, Soda Water
“We choose the spirits we like and made something we liked. It was pretty simple for us.” — CK Kho, Coleys.

Bar Trigona Entrance | Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur | Food For Thought

Fountain Of Life by Bar Trigona

Ocho Blanco, Pegaga & Soursop Juice, Elderflower, Lime Juice, Sprite
“As a part of new herb menu, team accepted a challenge to use one of the indigenous Malaysian herb the Pegaga to come up with this beautiful mix we call the Fountain of Life. With the herbal and green taste of Pegaga and a sweet balance from the soursop, the drink has a perfect balance between tequila, pegaga and soursop. Also, having 2 healthy ingredients in your drink is a jackpot.” — Ashish Sharma, Bar Trigona

Laurus Nobilis by Junglebird

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, Ancho Reyes Verde, Tonic Reduction, Sugar Syrup, Saline Solution
You can try making this cocktail at home yourself, but we recommend you supporting this programme as it’s for a good cause. 40ml Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, 15ml Tonic reduction, 5ml Ancho Reyes Verde, 5ml Sugar syrup (1:1), 1 spray Saline solution (10:1). Stir down, serve in a mini coupette and garnish with bay leaf. For the tonic reduction, use 640ml (2 x cans) Schweppes tonic reduced to 150ml. If you over reduce, just add some filtered water. Laurus Nobilis is the Latin name for bay leaf.” — Joshua Ivanovic, Junglebird.

Nadodi | Tree-Volution | Food For Thought

Ginger Root Trail by Nadodi

Turmeric Diplomatico Planas, Ginger Syrup, Boiron Passionfruit Purée, Salt & Chilli Garnish
“A subliminal mix of Gin, Vermouth, Raw Turmeric, passion fruit, Coconut and Ginger that will leave you wanting more.” — Akshar Chalwadi, Nadodi.

Frank's Bar | Tree-Volution | Food For Thought

The Best Is Yet To Come by Frank’s Bar

Michter’s Rye, Rosso Vermouth, Bonal Gentian-quina Bitters
“The best is yet to come is a simple twist on a Boulevardier cocktail where we replace the Campari with Bonal that’s a gentian aperitif from Dolin. The Gentian give to the drink herbal notes and a long finish on the palate.” — Giovanni Magliaro, Frank’s Bar.

Plant A Tree Week runs from 19th April 2021 to 25th April 2021.

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