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At Food For Thought, we like to talk a lot about Drink, and this section is dedicated specifically to Drink Reviews. Whether it is featuring an alcoholic beverage such as Whiskey Reviews or Wine Reviews, we highlight some of the best ways to appreciate your drink, from tasting notes to how to differentiate by region. We also feature non-alcoholics such as coffee, tea and milk, so there’s something for the tea-totaller. For information about where to find these drinks, we recommend our Ultimate Bar Guides for a best of, our Bar Reviews for specifics and Drink Culture on how-tos and what-nots.

“And do you really know what Vodka is like? Jesus! It’s just straight alcohol, and they drink it by the tumbler full. Really, some scientists should investigate how it is possible for man to drink such stuff in such huge quantities.”
― Kurt Vonnegut

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