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Joeri Timmermans | Pixies | Food For Thought

After a series of pop-ups around Kuala Lumpur, the latest offering by Joeri Timmermans appears in the form of a private dining named Pixies. The latest project sees him focusing on his experience with cooking with coals, and a drink pairing to match. We speak to Joeri about this latest getup.

Pixies | Food For Thought

Pixies by Joeri Timmermans

Pixies is a 12 steater private dining that is perfect for groups, but also caters to solo diners. The only booking restaurant serves a 6 course dinner, with a selection of drink pairing that mixes and matches different spirits, but above all else, it’s their approach to cooking with coals that really takes centre stage. As their location is kept private until the day of dining, patrons are also able to lux it up with a chauffeur service with Extreme Cars such as being ferried over in a Rolls-Royce which can be arranged.

Peaches | Pixies | Food For Thought

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

My culinary career began quite unexpectedly when I took up an apprenticeship with a restaurant in my hometown as part of a school work placement program. Then, as a 14 year old, I witnessed the camaraderie, discipline and incredible dedication that the team displayed as they were awarded their very first Michelin star. 

Inspired by such, I progressively built my resume with several Michelin-starred restaurants in the Netherlands, including Restaurant Parkheuvel, Beluga and Restaurant De Leuf. I moved to Australia in 2013 and worked as a junior sous chef at the award winning Momofuku Seiobo by David Chang and subsequently as sous chef of Automata – one of the hottest restaurants in Sydney that was awarded the prestigious 2 Hats amongst many national accolades in 2015 & 2016. 

At Momofuku, I shaped my personal appreciation for food as I revelled in the way that dishes were celebrated for their simplicity, yet with a harmonic balance of bold combinations and taste. My unique yet versatile approach towards recipe creations, also influenced by my vast travels, is evident in the many signatures I created at Automata and as Head Chef at Blackwattle, its sister outlet in Singapore. After this I did a stint at The Ledge by Dave Pynt (from Burnt Ends in Singapore) in the Maldives where I rekindled my love for cooking with fire before moving to Kuala Lumpur.

Ravioli | Pixies | Food For Thought

How did Pixies come about?

After a sell-out series of epic pop ups in 2020 and 2021 ranging from hidden speakeasies, Petaling Street, and the iconic KL Tower, with Deadset Arvo I found it was time to settle down for a permanent location in Kuala Lumpur. I have been looking for a suitable space since 2020 and obviously the pandemic pushed plans further back to 2022. But Eventually I found the space where we are in now and what better name to give my first restaurant in KL then my daughters.

How would you define your cuisine?

I find it difficult to describe my cuisine, but I guess the easiest for people to understand is Contemporary Australian with Japanese influences.

Octopus | Pixies | Food For Thought

Tell us about your wine pairing…

The beverage pairing at Pixies is designed to be an exciting journey and discovery of lesser-known beverages in the market and consists of drinks that I like to drink and that pair well with my style of food.

I usually don’t take wine pairing at a restaurant because wine does not pair with all flavours, and I think it gets quite boring to drink wine with food for the whole night. Hence why at Pixies the beverage pairing consists of interesting drinks like sparkling sake, locally brewed craft beer, natural and orange wine, umeshu etc.

Steak | Pixies | Food For Thought

Tell us something that people might not know about your approach to cuisine?

I don’t have the traditional approach to cooking that most chefs I know have. (having one ingredient, usually a protein, and building from there) I get my inspiration from art, museums, magazines and nature as well as working closely with my suppliers. I basically tell them to tell me what is good e.g. a vegetable that is in season, and I create a dish from there. 

That is also why the dishes on the menu at Pixies will change frequently as I only want to use what is good now.

And I get bored easily….

Ice Cream | Pixies | Food For Thought

Tell us a bit about your current menu…

The current menu is a representation of my food using what is available in the market now. Bold flavours, minimalistic presentation, luxury ingredients, paired with interesting drinks. 

What can patrons expect from the Pixies dining experience?

Something they haven’t experienced in KL before. Amazing food and drinks, beautiful ambience, casual but fine service, great music.

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