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Food For Thought specialises in Chinese cuisine, with a range of different Chinese restaurants from across the diaspora. Chinese food is vast and broad, with regional cuisines including Cantonese Cuisine, Hokkien Cuisine and Hakka Cuisine to name a few. Here, we list a range of Chinese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur, from Malaysian Chinese Cuisine to Hong Kong Cuisine which can be very different.


Chinese Food is defined as a cuisine which has its origins in China, but may have a vastly different influence depending on the region. For example, Szechuan Cuisine in exemplified by its use of spice and chilli, while Xinjiang Cuisine is influenced by the Silk Route with its strong islamic influence creating Halal Cuisine. Cantonese food is dominated by freshness of ingredients while Shanghainese Cuisine with its red-braised cooking style may be a tad sweeter. Chinese cuisine has ventured far and wide and can be vastly different depending on its local influence, for example, Chinese food in Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand may be somewhat unrecognisable to the Chinese community in China.


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