Braci’s Stracciatella

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Braci: Stracciatella

To those who are familiar with the fine dining scene in Singapore, the name Braci does not come as any surprise. The modern Italian fine dining restaurant not only has a Michelin star, but has kept it for 3 years consecutively running. With the many delectable dishes that are must tries, chef Mirko Febbrile have generously shared with us the recipe for their Stracciatella, giving us a glimpse on how to make this signature Italian classic at home.

Head Chef Mirko Febbrile | Braci | Food For Thought

This recipe is provided by Mirko Febbrile, Chef of Braci, and serves one, and makes a great accompaniment to any dinner, with the main ingredient being he stracciatella or if not available, burrata. The recipe seems simple, but is not overtly complicated either. This will definitely impress at the dinner table with its finesse. This is a dish that is very light and refreshing, best to enjoy with a good piece of bread.

Stracciatella Recipe


  • 200gm Stracciatella or Burrata
  • 50gm of toasted and crushed nuts (almonds, hazelnut and pumpkin seeds)
  • 6 fresh radish
  • 3 pieces baby carrots with leaves
  • 1 piece baby beetroot
  • 30ml vinaigrette
  • 20ml basil oil



  1. Wash all the vegetables and separate the carrots from their leaves which is dressed with extra virgin olive oil and a bit of salt and then dehydrated (you can use your oven at 50 degrees until the leaves are dark and crispy) this will be used later as decoration but also a way to add different textures and most of all a way that helped me to use the entire vegetable.
  2. For the vinaigrette the percentage is 60% extra virgin olive oil and 40% white wine vinegar. Just shake them together into a bottle and the oil will emulsify with the vinegar.
  3. For the basil oil I blended basil leaves and extra virgin olive oil. You need a hand blender, generally the weight of the oil and the basil has to be the same so 50:50.
  4. Once everything is blended you need to slowly sieve the oil with a cheesecloth and the bright green oil will be separated from the rest of the leaves which we can dispose.
  5. Use carrots, beetroot and radish but any seasonal vegetables will do.
  6. For the beetroot, just blanch until its cooked.
  7. Brush the carrots with extra virgin olive oil and grill them.
  8. Cut the baby carrots and beetroot into 3 pieces each.
  9. The radish are served raw to add more crunch and half of them are used with the entire leaves and the other half are sliced into two to play with colours from both side of the vegetable.


  1. Display the stracciatella or burrata at the center of the plate.
  2. Place all the colorful vegetables.
  3. Season the vegetables with both basil oil and vinaigrette.
  4. Sprinkle the toasted nuts and garnish with crispy carrots leaves.

For more recipes, see Braci.


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