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We at Food For Thought believe that it is important to give back to society, and though our knowledge is primarily on Dining, Travel and Thought, we try to do some good as often as we can. Life is short and precious, and its the utmost importance that we live it well. This is why we have a catalogue under the Things That Matter, where we try to raise the awareness of charitable organisations and brands.

“It is more agreeable to have the power to give than to receive.”

— Winston Churchill

RubberBoy 2 | Petronas | Food For Thought

The Greatest Blessing Has Always Been By Your Side

Chinese New Year has always been a very important time for family, and more than that, a time for giving. Words like abundance and prosperity is heard throughout homes as the lunar new year is celebrated by Asian families all over the world. As much as it is a time for sharing and caring, it is also a time where people look back at the previous year and measure their success and wealth, both financial and emotional. In Malaysia, we are reminded year after year by heart-warming PETRONAS television advertisements about the importance of family, unity and that life is bigger than us. Continue Reading

La Glace Et La Ciel - Food For Thought

Ice And The Sky / La Glace Et Le Ciel

“My name is Claude Lorius and I shall be forever 23”. Ice and the Sky, directed by Luc Jacquet and follows the life of the man who behind that statement on his lifelong journey that encompasses an epic love affair with the Antarctic and a mission to prove that human infringement on nature has detrimental and irreversible effects on the climate. Continue Reading

TOMS Virtual Giving Trip - TOMS - Food For Thought

TOMS Virtual Giving Trip

Owning a pair of TOMS shoes has become an iconic statement with their minimalist and rustic look, but little is known behind the brand and what they stand for. Not only are they fashionable, they are charitable and exciting, and this can be seen through their latest effort through their TOMSxSamsung #ExperienceGiving campaign. Unlike most conglomerates, they seek to essentially pay it forward by giving back to the community. Continue Reading