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At Food For Thought, we want to show you what the latest Things are, and besides our Watch Reviews, we also bring to you the latest in gadgetry and technology. We test out the latest tech and equipments, from cooking appliances to mobile phones and camera, bringing you the best of the best. Do check out our Favourite Things, a compendium of some of our must-haves.

“As men get older, the toys get more expensive.”
― Marvin Davis

TOMS Virtual Giving Trip

TOMS Virtual Giving Trip

Owning a pair of TOMS shoes has become an iconic statement with their minimalist and rustic look, but little is known behind the brand and what they stand for. Not only are they fashionable, they are charitable and exciting, and this can be seen through their latest effort through their TOMSxSamsung #ExperienceGiving campaign. Unlike most conglomerates, they seek to essentially pay it forward by giving back to the community. Continue reading →
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