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Food For Thought is an online portal for information on lifestyle essentials such as fine dining restaurant reviews and high quality dining guides; travel destinations and hotel reviews; and opinion articles on personal growth.

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Restaurant Reviews

At Food For Thought, we specialise in reviewing fine dining restaurants as we believe in showcasing and highlighting the best quality products, services as well as local produce when available. Our reviews cover a wide range of fine dining establishments, predominantly based in Kuala Lumpur. In our reviews, we seek to find out more about the personal philosophy of the people behind the restaurants such as the food visionaries and chefs when it comes to food. We also from time to time, highlight non-fine dining restaurants that we believe are of a certain quality.

Bar Reviews

Most of us love a cocktail on a night out but don’t actually know where to go for a true mixologist experience. Here in Kuala Lumpur, only a select few live up to the reputation of serving truly great cocktails and this is where our expertise shines. At Food For Thought, we highlight everything from whiskey bars and wine cellars to speakeasies and cocktail lounges. As long as they make the sort of cocktails that deliver that sought after experience, you can count on us being there.

Food Guide

Good food is good food. We believe high quality food deserves the attention in whatever form it comes in. This is especially important when it comes to street food. Because of this, we produce our own mini guides on what to eat and where to find it. We also have pieces on certain food types that we feel deserve special attention for its complexity or rarity.

Drink Guide

We all crave a good whiskey or cocktail from time to time, and we believe that we should always raise the bar. Mixologists from all around the world can make the simplest drink as complex as food can be, and because of this we create our own drink guides to help you find the best places to have a drink, whether it be by the sea or at the perfect rooftop bar setting.

Cook Book

We have always had a love for fine dishes, and a problem many face is the replication of these recipes. This is why we try to present it in a simple and reproducible fashion, with simple language and instructions.

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Hotel Reviews

At Food For Thought, we seek to showcase the best destinations for that perfect getaway and what better way to do that than to highlight deserving hotels and resorts that deliver unique experiences. Our reviews cover the overall destination experience, facilities, as well as the unusual amenities provided. Above everything else, we seek to highlight the sort of extraordinary services that would make the discerning traveller go out of their way to experience. We believe in telling you the story that deserves to be told.

Travel Guide

Don’t you just wish you had a little bit of local knowledge of the ins and outs of a destination when visiting a foreign country? This is why we would like to give you a heads-up here at Food for Thought and provide insider knowledge on travel destinations. We find the best spots for sightseeing and why these attractions are worth your time and effort. Travelling really opens the mind and we aim to help you out with our tips, tricks and recommendations.

Travel Cheat Sheet

There is nothing worse that being scammed in a foreign land. This is why we have taken the liberty of crafting a travel cheat sheet of these places that you should be a little more careful with. Every town and city in the world has its unique offerings, and sometimes its easy for one to get duped into making an unnecessary purchase, or worse being scammed off all our money. We learn the lessons so you don’t have to.

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Life is too short to not be happy, and really, at the end of the day, you are the decision maker of how you want to be. For the risk of sounding grandiose, we really are the masters of our own happiness. Truth be told, the answer to happiness isn’t found in our family, loved ones or friends, it really starts with ourselves. We try to advice on personal development and on how to live a good life. If all else fails, remember this, you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy ice cream and that’s kinda the same thing.

Self Knowledge

The greek philosophers had a saying: know thyself. Most of the time we lead unhappy lives because we don’t (and never really get to) know ourselves. This is why introspection is important to understanding how we feel. It is not enough to go through life coasting without truly understanding ourselves. We need to understand our intentions and motives for doing the things we do. Your words should coincide with your actions, and your actions should coincide with your emotions. Here, we explore on the ideas about self knowledge and how we can try to better our destructive habits and learn how to cultivate good ones.

Interpersonal Relationships

We live in a social world and will never be able to truly escape others. Most of us don’t know or understand how to handle our friendships and relationships. Some people don’t seem to know why they keep ending up with the wrong partners, and some others seem to have a charmed life. Yes, some of it is down to luck, but most of the time, it’s also how you come about acquiring that said luck. If you put yourself in favourable positions by random acts of kindness, you will more likely end up being in a better relationship. It is simple as do unto others as you would do unto yourself. If you have to be selfish, be the right kind of selfish. Here, we try to advice on how to build better relationships and how to treat others well. If you keep on having relationships that fail, maybe, just maybe, you might be doing something wrong. Maybe you are the Taylor Swift. Move on and learn from your mistakes, be Adele.

Emotional Guide

A problem that we all have today is learning how to deal with how we feel. We go through life trying to understand what we are feeling, but a common problem we have is trying to understand why we do the things we do. If we can better understand our motivations, we can take better action. Its important for us to align these things. Our actions should always correspond to our emotions. If we say we want to be better people, then we should understand how not only understand why we think so, but should also act upon them.