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We a Food For Thought have always had a passion for eating, but what we’ve never really shown before is also our passion for cooking. While we do not claim to make the best of anything, we try out best to make some things simpler as we find cook books can be a little too complicated sometimes. Here, we have two sections, Recipes, which can range from recipes shared by restaurants and chefs, done and tested classics, and Heirloom Recipes, which are recipes uniquely invented, and family recipes passed down, specially made with time, effort and experimentation.

“Once you have mastered a technique, you hardly need look at a recipe again and can take off on your own.”
— Julia Child

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We at Food For Thought love cooking, so we understand how these things can be daunting for people who have a genuine interest in cooking but are worried to try. This is why we create simple and authentic recipes, some picked directly from our kitchen, chefs and culinary experts. We try to make difficult sounding things much easier to make, from traditional roast chicken to Thai beef salads, that kind of thing. Our recipes will highlight what to do (or what not to do) when cooking, in an attempt to save you time.

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Heirloom Recipes

If you want to have a peek at our prized and family recipes, you may see our Heirloom Recipes, compiled from our favourite dishes with secret ingredients, cooking methods and sauces uses. Our Heirloom Recipes are password protected, but you will receive access by subscribing to our monthly newsletter, our Food For Thoughts. This will include a summary of our Recipe of the Month, latest restaurant reviews, hotel reviews and travel guides.