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The key to successful businesses is finding the right medium that will be able to tell a story for your brand. At Food For Thought, we believe that we are able to not only tell stories, but tell stories well. Our approach to partnerships are simple, we believe that good products need to be given its due credit, and we only feature brands, products and services that we believe in, and this can be seen in our fine dining and hotel reviews. We occasionally run competitions with our partners, however, we do not form partnerships with brands we do not believe in or aren’t up to par. We believe that in life you must have standards, and this is exemplified in our partnerships. To see brands and products that we have worked with in the past see our Collaborations.

“Don’t give up, don’t lose hope, don’t sell out.”

— Christopher Reeves

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Travelling To Morocco? 10 Dishes To Experience

Finding itself located at the crossroads between Europe and Africa, Morocco has developed one of the most sought-after cuisines in the world owing to this immense clash of cultures. Today we’re going to look at ten amazing dishes you’ll want to try out when you’re next travelling around this North African nation. Continue Reading

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The Greatest Blessing Has Always Been By Your Side

Chinese New Year has always been a very important time for family, and more than that, a time for giving. Words like abundance and prosperity is heard throughout homes as the lunar new year is celebrated by Asian families all over the world. As much as it is a time for sharing and caring, it is also a time where people look back at the previous year and measure their success and wealth, both financial and emotional. In Malaysia, we are reminded year after year by heart-warming PETRONAS television advertisements about the importance of family, unity and that life is bigger than us. Continue Reading

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Food Guide: Street Food in Penang

When it comes to best island experiences in the world, there are few that can compare to that of Penang, the pearl of the Orient. The island boasts a complex and rich history due to its pivotal position during the colonial era. This has resulted in Penang becoming a melting pot of multicultural identities from the Chinese, Malay, Indian and European influences. Not only is Penang an unbelievable food haven, its unique position in history has resulted in George Town being named a UNESCO World Heritage site. Continue Reading